Tuesday, November 06, 2007

To The Conservative Party of Canada

This video is directed towards the Conservative Party, who thinks it's okay to kill criminals.


billg said...

I hadn't heard the ConParty wanted criminals put to death...oh wait..they havent, but, it makes a great title and you get to use George Bush and "hidden agenda" in your responses. Lets see...we still have SSM in Canada, women still have the right to choose and the poor and homeless havent been ground into soylent green...so...I guess bringing back the death penalty is the next mindless issue to attempt to scare Canadians into voting Liberal. There is a percentage of Canadians who think CPunishment is ok...its probably around 40%....there are alot of Canadians who think the murder of a police officer or RCMP officer should be punishable by death, but, who exactly in the Conservative Party wants to re-institute the death penalty for criminals? Your party is in decay...and its comments like yours that help it rot a little more each day...next time you wonder why Manley, Rock, Tobin, McKenna and Kinsella distanced themselves from this new Liberal way if thinking just re-read your blog.

Anonymous said...

The Conservatives do want to kill criminals. Please read a newspaper.

Stockwell Day in 1994 said he was for Capital Punishment. The Reform Party again in 1999 tried to get it passed. Not to mention various Conservative MPs touting Capital Punishment, such as Mr.Jackson. Current policy of the Conservative Party is for Canadian criminals to die abroad, a decisive change from prior governments.

Seeing as you aren't aware of current events, I'll let you make up your own statistics (around 40%) and meander in your own comment which is ridden with spelling mistakes.