Wednesday, December 19, 2007

When A Taser Should Be Used

The above is a circumstance in which I believe tasers should be used. However I am faced with recent examples where Police officers abused such a power.

With the taser incident involving Robert Dziekanski and the taser incident in Kelowna, with the example in Utah serving merely as supporting evidence, I believe Police officers should be susceptible to laws just as we are. Of course Police should still have the authority to arrest when force is necessary, but instead of being merely reprimanded when they abuse their power, they should be investigated as citizens.

Now in a perfect world I wouldn't think a moritorium on tasers would be necessary, as in the above video, there are indeed circumstances where tasers are a useful tool. However, I believe that there are Police officers, through lack of training or lack of forethought, who should not have access to tasers. Until a point in time exists when we have a full force of police officers who meet a bare requirement of understanding that method of enforcement, I believe there should be a moritorium on tasers.

Now the problem does indeed go beyond the use of tasers, for such abuses are but symptoms. In the Vancouver incident, the RCMP not only they killed an unarmed civilian, they inexcusably lied multiple times. At the SPP Protest in Montebello over the Summer, the Quebec police lied, and attempted to provoke a riot. In Kelowna, an RCMP officer tasered a 140 pound senior citizen who was in his car. For the malady that is at the root, I can only ask for a deeper investigation behind these cases. But alas the very man responsible for the Police officers in our country, the very man responsible for Public Safety, Stockwell Day, disagrees with me.

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