Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Definition: Hypocrisy- See Stephen Harper Ignoring Gomery

"Now we know that Mr. Justice Gomery is headed for the truth. Canadians want to know what this truth is." - Stephen Harper, 2005

I agree Mr. Harper, I agree.

Today John Gomery denounced Stephen Harper, claiming the Prime Minister has failed to implement his recommendations to create a more transparent and open government. Even though these recommendations were made to prevent events like Sponsership from ever occurring again, the fact that Stephen Harper has failed to implement them isn't just wrong on that point, but it's wrong because Stephen Harper said he would.

From the Conservative's own website, dated February 2006:

Prime Minister designate Stephen Harper says Mr. Justice John Gomery’s report, entitled “Restoring Accountability Recommendations," will help shape the future direction for a more accountable government for all Canadians.

The Conservative Website goes on to say:
“But while the report reminds us of the errors and abuses of the past, it also provides us a great opportunity to turn the page and start a new era of accountability."

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