Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Conservative MP Guergis Should Resign

Member of Parliament Helena Guergis on January 13th endangered the lives of other elected representatives and the lives of our military officers. What she did was wrong.

Granted it could have been a slip of the tongue and just a mistake, however she maintains it was not a mistake and has so far not even issued an apology to the men and women she put in harm's way.

Helena Guergis should resign; she has disgraced the office as a Public Official by putting the lives of the very people she is meant to protect in the line of fire.


Scott Ross' Mom said...

You should resign from blogging.

Ashamed of the roof I provide you? No more video blogs?

You disgust me.

Scott Tribe said...

Sounds like some Conservative trolls are a tad touchy with all the bad news Harper has gotten into this past week.

Heck, now even NATO is saying he's engaged in overblown overheated rhetoric.

burlivespipe said...

Harper is like Senor Wences, without the intentional comedy. He lets his hand talk occasionally, but his lips still move. Either that or Guergis does a pretty impressive 'so-called leader' impression.