Monday, January 07, 2008

The NDP: The Lost Principles

Update: This post is 3 years old but to this day the NDP has not posted their Constitution online. I've since written an updated post with more implications for the NDP titled: NDP Hiding Its Constitution


northwestern_lad said...

Okay... You obviously have an axe to grind, or you just didn't do a good enough search. Here is the link to the Federal NDP's Constitution.

A simple Google Search under "New Democratic Party Constitution" brought up that link, the 2nd item to come up. It took me all of 15 seconds to find it.

But of course, you decided to make the statement that the NDP is "hiding" their constitution, which is completely false. I would hope that you would do the honourable thing by retracting that statement and correcting the record.

Sean S. said...

weak, weak, weak, argument....

Anonymous said...

Northwestern lad: You do realize I not only said I found the NDP Constitution, but explained how in the video right?

Sean S.:
1. Every other federal Party makes their constitution quite accessable on their website.- The NDP Does Not.
2. The NDP Constitution is on their website, but not linked to it in any shape or form.
3. The NDP has not responded to numerous emails through numerous email accounts asking where their Constitution is and why is it not on their home page.
4. The NDP have made it clear they want Liberal votes. The Constitution of the NDP is a deterrent to Liberal voters.

northwestern_lad said...

I stopped watching the video after I saw the hackery that was going on. Had you ever taken the time to think that maybe the NDP has more important things to do than reply to emails about information that's not directly linked to their website, like answering questions on policy or other matters, which are directly on the website? I have made so many attempts to contact the Liberal Party on similar issues and have never received replies either. When I was running for municipal office last year, I tried to meet with all political stake holders to speak with them and see what they would like to do with our city. Both former Federal and Provincial NDP candidates, the then-Mayor, 6 of the 8 mayoral candidates and even the Conservative MP accepted my invitations. Who were the only two not to accept my invitations and blow me off? The defeated Federal Liberal Candidate and the sitting Liberal MPP Jeff Leal, even though he kept on promising me that he would sit down after months of persistence on my part. What did those Liberals have to hide from someone who was seeking public office? This argument can go round and round, and all day long.

I would also submit to you that "The Liberals have made it clear they want NDP votes. The Constitution of the Liberal Party is a deterrent to NDP voters." But in this case, the actions (broken promises and lack of actions) of the Liberal Party serve as a much greater deterent.

Anonymous said...

So you make it a habit to comment on material you don't even read or watch? That habit can make you look like you talk about material you have no idea about, and in this case you actually did.

Further in emails, I asked the NDP like an undecided citizen where I could find their constitution, I got no reply in multiple emails. Asking for a party's constitution is nothing like asking about a position a party may hold.

First a constitution is the party, second, you probably asked in a partisan tone.

Khristopher said...

Northwestern_lad, do you have proper link? It seems that the NDP link is broken, however like everything else that they would like to fix, they have not gotten around to it.

Seems that this reporter had the same issue.

In light of your original comment that it was completely false the comment by Mr. Ross, it seems that it is missing or being hid. Not sure which however based on the fact that the document conveniently disappeared once the election got going, makes me wonder.

I will admit that I am a Liberal voter, however I do believe that to have all the facts, to have all the information, to have everything that you need to make an informed decision, the NDP did not provide that. In the end if you don't provide those, you are providing doubt to those who might truly try to give the benefit of the doubt to someone who say's they are committed to change but at the end of the day do the same things that have been done before.

I would say to you regarding the Liberal candidate not given you time, shame on him. It's their place as an MPP to listen to the people, and I think that is what Mr. Ross was trying to say that if you provide a forum, provide an answer, it provides people with the best possible way to make an informed decision and that is what the NDP has lacked in.