Sunday, February 03, 2008

John Manley Won't Be Doing Anymore Interviews On The Panel's Report

Over ten days ago I posted a story stating that John Manley, as head of an independent panel looking into Canada's role in Afghanistan was possibly biased and without a doubt merely copied and pasted a sizeable portion of the work he had done in it from a journal article he wrote three months prior. I immediatly attempted to get a hold of Mr. John Manley; unable to find any contact information, which was not surprising, I sent various emails to organizations Manley had worked with in the past. Still getting no reply, I posed as a reporter from a small newspaper and continued to attempt to reach him.

Three days ago I received a phone message from John Manley's personal assistant informing me John Manley will not be doing anymore interviews concerning the Panel's report on Afghanistan. Below is the message:

This newest development isn't that surprising, considering John Manley was not available to respond to the same accusations on CBC's AS It Happens, heard here:

In considering John Manley will not respond to strong criticisms about the validity of his contribution to the Panel, I am left seriously doubting his ability to have made a neutral perspective in analyzing Canada's mission in Afghanistan.

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Cherniak_WTF said...

I'm surprised that no MP has stood up and said the report is a sham and that Manley merely copied/pasted much of it.....

Was it arrogance on the part of Manley and Harper? This is the kind of bullshit that is pathetic to see.