Friday, February 01, 2008

Manley Report Makes Headlines Yet Again

This article is courtesy of the Daily Courier. I would like to point out two things. First, of the panel members, John Manley did not receive 1400 dollars a day; it was a mistake on my part, and there will be a correction notice in tomorrow's paper. I apologize in all earnest, I failed to verify whether he did indeed accept that wage, and it was completely my fault.

Second, I received a phone call from John Manley's assistant; more then a week ago I had asked for an interview, and to my dismay, I was told that John Manley will not be doing any more interviews on the report of Afghanistan. Last week was the only week where he would talk to the press about it and he will no longer speak concerning the report.

With these things considered the thrust of my argument remains the same, that John Manley either was biased or he merely jeopardized the independence of the Panel and its neutrality by heading it when clearly he had arrived at his judgement prior to the Panel's creation.


Scott Tribe said...

1400$ a day was reported as the salary of John Manley by The Globe and Mail back in October 2007.

Anonymous said...

Yes but apparently he did not accept it. This was told to the editor of the Daily Courier by someone from Manley's office.

I have to admit I was wrong.

I only wish Manley had responded sooner to my emails and phone messages. Now as I've been informed he will never talk with any media about the report.