Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Obama Flyers Are Wrong In Their Attack On Clinton

These are the mailers that have motivated Hillary Clinton to fire back against Barack Obama. What has gotten her offended are various errors that Obama still maintains as accurate.

This first image, to the right, is problematic on two fronts. The first is this is reminiscent of the "Harry and Louise Ads" that ran in the early 90s opposing any form of public Health Care. The Obama campaign literally using Republican-style attack ads are wrong. Second, because Obama endorses the same system of enforcement as Hillary if some Americans choose not to buy in, he is falsy presenting himself and universal healthcare. Now albeit for Hillary, everyone must buy into her healthcare plan, but with subsidies everyone will be able to afford it, now for Barack admittedly he would only force parents who choose not to buy in, but nonetheless he's criticizing Hillary for the very thing he's proposing as well. In considering this, that Barack's plan calls for the same type of enforcement, one is left wondering, why would Barack attack Hillary's plan? Is it because it is Universal? Is it because he's not only not for it, but against it? Just like the Republican ad that his campaign copied?

This image from a flyer being distributed in Ohio is just plain false. Hillary Clinton never once said she believed NAFTA was "a boon" to our economy. The quote that this pamphlet is referring to is from an edition of New York Newsday which has since corrected it, saying Clinton never said such a thing. What is even more disturbing is that even with the newspaper that this flyer quotes, saying Hillary never said it, Obama still says the flyer is accurate. So his campaign was clearly caught using false information, and instead of acknowledging it, he has decided to reject reality.

Hillary Clinton has never been in favour of NAFTA.
This site quotes Carl Bernstein, a Clinton biographer on an appearance on CNN, discussing Hillary Clinton's position early on:

"'Bill,'" he recalled Hillary Clinton as saying, "'you are doing Republican economics when you are doing NAFTA.' She was against NAFTA."

These are other images contained in the Ohio flyer, basically repeating the above points. Some may say Hillary Clinton is desperate, and she may be, but her response to Barack Obama's flyers has evidence to support that what these flyers claim are not only wrong, but deceitful.


Anonymous said...

do you think Bill is screwing over this election so that he can devorce Hilary and start doing the babes

Anonymous said...

Liberals here in Canada who are so pro-Obama would do well to think about the lack of experience he has. After reading several right wing editorials last week, I realized why the American pro-right media is fanning the flames of this BO 'movement'. This is the plan. They wanted McCain all along. The military industrial complex, which is what really runs the US, feels that BO is the easier one to beat. They have lost to the Clintons all four elections they have gone against either of them. You watch them go after BO's inexperience and his connections to homegrown Islam, as well as the insinuation that he is a closet muslim. This will start as soon as he is the nominee. There are screen shots of flyers handed out to Repubs by their precinct captains, telling them to vote BO in the Dem primary and still be able to vote McCain in November.

If anyone thinks national security isn't important to Americans in the GE when voting for President well they are either Canadian or naive and uninformed, or can't remember four years ago. Remember Kerry, a vietnam vet who was wounded for his country? Yeah, the one they successfully beat with a draft dodger by painting him as a phony and a coward? Yeah that guy. Well, BO has nothing on Kerry. Nothing.

Bill and Hillary will fight them tooth and nail, tho', and probably win. That's why they believe defeating her in the primaries is best, so they don't have to face her at all. We're gonna have four more years, folks. Hope I am wrong, but sadly, don't think so.


Abdul-Rahim said...

I've read the litterature of both campaigns concerning healthcare and Clinton's is by far the most progressive, OBama's is a much more McCain style free for all that won't do much (and it places too much emphasis on prevention and efficiency, and its global health goals which are infact nothing impressive)

Anonymous said...

I agree. Based on Healthcare, Hillary is preferred. Her plan is better in substance and cost. It's universal, and will insure 20% more people than Obama's and will only cost marginally more.