Thursday, February 07, 2008

Romney To Drop Out; McCain Almost Certain Winner

CNN is reporting that Mitt Romney will drop out of the race to be the Republican candidate for the President of the United States of America. It is being suggested he will suspend his campaign. The term "suspend" is just being used in case something was to happen to McCain's huge lead, it would allow Romney to still have delegates; but for all intents and purposes, Romney is out of the race.

I don't believe this will be hard to predict where a majority of his support will go and that is to Mike Huckabee. Romney has and especially as of late attacked John McCain vigorously over his less-then Conservative stances, not to mention policy differences, it is very unlikely a large amount of Romney supporters will go to McCain. On top of this, it was widely suggested Mike Huckabee had repeatedily stole Romney votes, indeed served as a spoiler for Romney, which only adds to the fact that Mike Huckabee will get a sizeable boost from Romney dropping out.

Now I'm not suggesting all of Mitt Romney's support will go to Huckabee, because Romney had a wide appeal, he was sort of in the middle between McCain and Huckabee. Acknowledging Romney was more Conservative, he did have some moderate supporters, and indeed those will go to McCain.

Now the question is, will this affect John McCain's run at the candidacy? I think it will only ensure it.

Looking at the delegates, because of John McCain's now very sizeable lead over Huckabee, its quite clear that delegates won't even enter into the equation in the Republican race. McCain will be now seen as untouchable. This perception will sway conservatives, and depending on how McCain unites the Party, override any potenial growth Huckabee might have had.

Ironically even though Romney split the Conservative vote with Huckabee, Romney's exit only serves to crush any possible hopes Huckabee had. For at that moment, Romney had presented some possible albeit improbable challenge to McCain, which though unlikely could have given Huckabee a chance to surpass Romney and even McCain. Now however with no real challenge, McCain is left to dominate Huckabee and the Republican race.

And as I write it's being reported Romney will give his reasons for withdrawing which include not wanting to damage the reputation of the man that will ultimately be the Republican nominee, John McCain. Depending on how he expresses this, it most likely all but crown McCain.

***Update*** Romney is now officially withdrawing, his reason being that Americans are at war, and continuing his campaign only furthers to divide the Republican Party which in turn only helps the Democrats and thus the radical jihadists.

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