Monday, March 03, 2008

The Cadman Story: Dona Cadman Believes Harper Had No Idea Of Million Dollar Insurance Offer

It was just reported by CBC that Dona Cadman has issued a release in which she writes that she talked with Stephen Harper about the alleged million dollar insurance and he had told her that he had no idea such an offer was made. The release states:

"I recall specifically asking him if he was aware of a million-dollar insurance policy offer that upset Chuck [Cadman] so much."

"He looked me straight in the eyes and told me he had no knowledge of an insurance policy offer. I knew he was telling me the truth; I could see it in his eyes. He said, yes, he'd had some discussions with two individuals about asking Chuck to rejoin the party, but he'd told them they were wasting their time trying to convince Chuck."
This wasn't a surprise. There was never any concrete evidence saying Stephen Harper knew of the million dollar insurance offer. There is this audio tape of an interview between Tom Zytaruk, a Vancouver journalist and Stephen Harper in 2005, in which Harper says he knew there were discussions over financial offers, but in it he carefully specifies he didn't know the details.

In the interview audio clip it's clear in Stephen Harper asking, "This is for publication?" he chose his words wisely in that interview. So considering in the tape tephen Harper also makes clear he knew of possible financial offers to Chuck Cadman and such offers would be illegal if they occurred, the fact that it can not be proved Stephen Harper knew of the Insurance policy offer is irrelevant. He specified he knew of financial discussions between Conservatives and Chuck Cadman, that's on the tape, and it is on that point that I believe that the libel accusations against the Liberals will be struck down, as the Liberal accusations are at least partially substantiated.

As for Dona Cadman putting out this release, again this is no surprise. As I've written, she is a Conservative. She believes in the Conservative philosophy just as Chuck Cadman did. She was never against the Conservative Party in giving the interview to Tom Zytaruk, and thus breaking the story of the bribe allegation, all she was attempting to do was to tell Chuck's story and who Chuck was. The principled stance that Cadman took in rejecting the bribe was what Dona wanted to tell, not the negative implication against the Party she is running as a candidate for.

***Update*** As an observer on CBC television just noted, it's important to emphasize Dona Cadman never says the million dollar insurance policy offer never happened. She only says that Stephen Harper said he had no idea of it.


Greg said...

That is slicing the salami mighty thin. He had no knowledge of any offer of "insurance", but he acknowledged on the tape that he knew talks about financial help were had. If Harper thinks semantic games are going to save him, he is fooling himself.

wilson said...

Are you calling Dona Cadman a liar Greg?

honets troll (aka not wilson) said...

so wilson now thinks Dona Cadman is not a lier unlike last week when he/she spun the tale as though Dona was lying.

Make up your mind wilson or will you as well hit me with libel?

Erik said...

Dona doesn't have to be lying for it to be true.

Harper is far more likely "the liar"; he's been caught on the Tom Zytaruk tape, not only saying that he knew about it, but that he approved of it let Flanagan and Finley do the dirty work:

"make that case but don't press it."

What more proof do we need?

Greg said...

No Wilson, I am saying they are being very specific about what she says Harper didn't know about. And I am not ruling out that Mrs. Cadman may not be good at reading Harper's truth telling ability.