Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Cadman Story: Jodi "Daemon" Cadman

The bribe allegation surrounding the Conservatives possibly offering the late Chuck Cadman a million dollar life insurance policy in return for him bringing down the Liberal government in 2005 was initially reported by Tom Zytaruk from an interview he had done with Dona Cadman, the late MPs widow. Dona had said that Chuck had told her of the offer and was furious at the thought that they would try to bribe him. The Conservatives have denied such an offer was made, and with some implying her mother, Dona, may have been lying, Jodi Cadman entered the media frenzy and corroborated the story by admitting her father had told her of the offer as well.

In a previous post I had responded to a question of Dona Cadman's credibility, as some wondered why she would run as a Conservative knowing that Party had tried to bribe her late husband. In this post I attempt to respond to another question, a question of why did Dona and Jodi not speak up sooner.

In first hearing of this story I immediatly attempted to look at the background of Dona and Jodi Cadman, the people who were confirming the bribery allegation. Not that I doubted them, but to find answers for those who did. For Dona it was quite easy and as noted above, can be found here. For Jodi my search was rather hampered, I didn't realize I was only looking at half of her story until a conversation I had with a friend of mine. Apparently my friend was taught by the very same Jodi Cadman in question, yet she didn't know it at the time.

You see many years ago, my friend had attended Blanche Mcdonald, a school specialized in make-up artistry in Vancouver, and one of her teachers, who taught air brushing, went by the name of Daemon. It wasn't until a few years later when Chuck Cadman made headlines with his crucial vote in the House of Commons did my friend see in some local paper that Daemon was in fact Jodi Cadman.

Now for those who want more evidence that Jodi Cadman prefers to go by the name Daemon Cadman, besides the fact Blanche Mcdonald employees one Daemon Cadman, the strongest piece I can find is in her old band's website, Waiting For God, where there's an interview with her and she discusses her feelings of her brother's death (6th Paragraph):

In Oct of '92, my 16-year old brother, Jesse, was walking home one evening when he was attacked, beaten, stabbed, and left for dead on the side of the road, just a few blocks away from our home. The motive for the murder? According to the people responsible, they 'didn't like the way he looked.'
The reason why I bring this up is because my friend knew Jodi, and she saw that Jodi, like her father, always told it like it was. When I asked my friend what her impression was of Daemon and besides liking her, she said Daemon always said what she thought of something. Some students didn't like the frankness, but if someone was doing something wrong, Daemon would let them know. If something needed saying, Daemon would say it. I see that it's that type of personality that confirms my belief Jodi Cadman is telling the truth that her father was offered the bribe by the Conservatives.

Now with that sense of who Daemon, Jodi Cadman is, it may seem to only further the question of why didn't Jodi say something sooner about the offer of the bribe to her father, however the answer can be readily seen in looking at a recent interview done with her on CPAC’s Goldhawk Live program tonight, of which BCerinToronto has the transcipt. Jodi makes clear that it's not that the offer was never made, but that she wanted to honour her dying father's wish to not go public with the offer:
It was my dad’s fight. He chose not to fight it. I don’t think we had a right to come forward when he told me in confidence. That’s just my personal feeling on it. The one thing I cannot fault [Dona Cadman] for – it is the truth, and I can respect that. It’s just more so the decision to come forward and do it that I’m having a bit of a problem with. On a personal level.
So it's clear that Jodi never spoke up because she felt that was what her father wished. Jodi only spoke up now because it was already out in the open and she wanted to defend her mother from attacks insinuating she was lying. Now as to why Dona did make the story public, I can only speculate. I would guess that in Dona disclosing everything, even that which gave her unneeded attention, she wanted to ensure Chuck Cadman's biography was as true to the man as he was to the world.


Anonymous said...

Guess the truth will come out. Mr. Harper is suing the Liberals...on and all... for libel

RuralSandi said...

Perhaps the likes of Adler should be sued for defamation of character re: his latest rant about the Cadmans.

Anonymous said...

I've known Dae/Jodi for years and will happily attest that she is a stand-up person who has nothing to gain from this controversy. If she says her dad told her he was offered an inducement to vote with the Tories then I would bet any amount of money that she was told this info. Anyone who wishes to protray her as dishonest is an idiot plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Anon: I hope I did make clear that was the perception of Daemon/Jodi Cadman that my friend described. In reading her interviews I too saw how honest and introspective she is.