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The Cadman Story: Tom Zytaruk

With the gravity of the allegations of bribery, in reading articles and doing research, I couldn't help notice the close relationship between Tom Zytaruk, the author of Like A Rock: The Chuck Cadman Story and the Cadman family.

Firstly its widely known that Dona Cadman had asked Mr. Zytaruk personally to write Chuck's biography, which not to mention involved talking frequently with Dona and her daughter Jodi as well as other friends and family, it also involved interviewing a sick and dying Chuck Cadman. Then in reveiwing Dona Cadman's website, I noticed there were two stories written by Tom Zytaruk about her campaign, together with additional stories I had found that Tom had written on the Cadmans, it appeared to me there was a questionable emphasis on the Cadman family by Mr. Zytaruk.

What also contributed to my curiousity was the fact of the long relationship between Zytaruk and the Cadmans as described here:

Zytaruk first met Chuck Cadman and his wife, Dona, in 1992 after their son Jesse was killed by other teens in a random act of violence.
In the vagueness all newspapers left this point, I wondered as to what circumstances merited them meeting.

All of this may then have left me with a stronger curiousity of the Zytaruk-Cadman relationship, that is if it wasn't for a post (Dated: 2005-7-14 08:53) I found in a forum in which someone had copied a story Tom Zytaruk had written after Chuck's death:
"I met Chuck Cadman in the basement of Johnston Heights Evangelical Church just minutes after his son's funeral ended. He was cradling Jesse's soccer ball in his arm. Jesse was only 16 when he was stabbed to death by another teen.

It was the same church where Chuck's own memorial service will be held on Saturday.

Relatively new to reporting, I burbled on about needing a picture of Jesse for the newspaper, how I was so sorry to bother him, etc. The introduction was a defining moment for me.

Tortured though he was, Chuck had a lot of time for me. And this was the essence of the man - he had a lot of time for everybody.

In the days, months and years that followed, I watched Chuck and Dona form Crime, RESPonsibility and Youth (CRY), to lobby for change to the Young Offenders Act.

This newspaper broke the story of that launch, followed by the Globe&Mail.

I reported on numerous lobby events to change the YOA and attended what seemed like countless court hearings, protest rallies and graveside candlelight vigils as Chuck fought for changes to the legislation."

This post illustrated the true nature of the relationship between Tom Zytaruk and the Cadmans, not to mention that my suspicions were completely wrong. True the journalist for Now the Surrey newspaper, did write continuously about Chuck Cadman and his family, but its only because of how Chuck spoke to the people of Surrey North, and that in turn made the man as newsworthy if not more then Tom Zytaruk gave him credit for.

Tom Zytaruk wrote like any other good journalist would have. His job was to write about Surrey, he did just that by writting about the man who cared most about it.

Some Conservatives may pursue my initial curiousity and question the relationship between the author that broke the story of possible bribe allegations and the Cadman's, and if they do, I hope they read the above story.

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