Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hillary Clinton: It's In The Male

A few weeks ago Barack Obama was leading in national polls between him and Hillary, today he continues that lead, but with a difference, it appears he's beginning to lose it. Realclearpolitics maintains an average of recent polls and it puts Obama at 46.2% and Hillary at 44.8%. Upon looking at the time graph on the same page, one can see that Obama was once as high as a 48.6% to Hillary's 41.1%.

In addition, considering last nights results, where Hillary did better in every state then what was predicted, its evident there was some movement in Hillary's direction between when the polls were conducted and last nights primaries.

The question is, what is causing this recent movement of support for Hillary Clinton? Was it the "Red Telephone" Ad that ran just days before? Was it the Canadian-Obama NAFTA scandal that was also spread in the last few days? Was it the relationship between Obama and Tony Rezko? Or was it the wider "Kitchen Sink" strategy of Hillary's?

Some speculators on CNN have suggested Obama failed to respond adequatly to Hillary's attacks, that he collapsed under pressure. While others are saying Hillary went too negative, considering Obama would never go that negative, she won by appealing to the worst of people.

I would suggest Hillary's growth is actually a reaction to her exhibiting more characteristics that are usually associated with men. In her going after Obama, she acted more aggressively, considering she most likely has the women voters who like her because they can relate to her, she needed to show to other voters that she is not the general and stereotypical female.

Granted Hillary in the past already has been referred to as being very ambitious and aggressive; but in those comments there was an assumed negativity associated with them, like she was too ambitious and too aggressive. It is interesting to note that such comments were not made with her recent ambitious and aggressive strategies.

I would then conclude that there is a fine line between being aggressive and being too aggressive, and this is represented in Hillary having to exhibit those traditionally viewed male traits while maintaining her support among women.

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