Friday, March 07, 2008

I Support Stephane Dion

I support Stephane Dion.

I support the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

In Montreal, the Leadership Race ended for me in tears. I supported Gerard Kennedy until the end. After he dropped out, he moved on to support Dion. Out of close to 100 Kennedy Youth delegates, I was one of 6 who didn't follow GK's lead. I went on to support Michael Ignatieff. Stephane Dion won. I supported Stephane Dion then, and support Stephane Dion now.

There may be Liberals who think Stephane Dion has lost support among Quebeckers or he has lost support of some notable Liberals, or simply that he as Leader needs to be replaced. It is my conviction that a Leader of this Party, democratically elected, while doing everything in his power to do what's best for the Party should remain as leader until the federal election is over and not a moment before.

Those who disagree are blatant quitters.

Unless there is evidence to show a Leader deliberatly acted against the interests of the Party or the citizens of Canada, any Liberal who acts against the Leader should be ashamed. The Constitution of the Liberal Party does not ask for Liberal members to support the Leader, it asks that we support the philosophy and ideals that made Canada great. Giving up on a Leader because of a poor decision or because of a poor organization is nothing that is associated with any greatness I attribute to Canada.

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Anonymous said...

I agree...
Mr. Dion should be supported all the way

Great post