Monday, March 10, 2008

Obama Doesn't Want Michigan To Count, Ever

Michigan Democratic Chairman Mark Brewer has come out and said that the Barack Obama campaign told him they would not favour holding another Primary in Michigan; this is on top of the Obama campaign not wanting to recognize the original Primary results. This is a shocking revelation, because the Obama campaign is literally preferring to disenfrancise voters then to lose a primary.

Mark Silva from the Baltimore Sun reported on Saturday, referring to a possible solution to the conflict of whether to seat Michigan's delegates as proposed by Michigan's Governor Jennifer Granholm:

Granholm, a Democrat, has suggested a "firehouse primary'' allowing Democrats to cast their ballots again sometime before June -- at a cost of about $10 million. But the Michigan party says that all parties -- the DNC as well as both of the candidates -- must agree to any solution.

Obama's campaign balked, according to Michigan Democratic Chairman Mark Brewer, who told the Free Press: "That's what I've been told by his campaign, but it's not my place to inquire about motivations... And we can't do anything without the agreement of both the campaigns.''
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Dan said...

Ugh, tired Clinton spin.

Obama is in a powerful negotiating position in that he has a large lead among pledged delegates, and Clinton has virtually no chance to catch him among pledged. So obviously a reversal of the DNC's first decision is to Clinton's advantage. While the Obama campaign probably wouldn't like to see Michigan revote I don't see how they're wrong to negotiate a situation more friendly to them, ie a caucus. And the idea of seating the delegates based on the original results is beyond ridiculous as long as the race is close.

Anonymous said...

Whatever! This is no fault of Obama's! This is Michigan's Democrats fault. They made their bed, let them lay in it!

For you to turn this obvious error in judgement by the Michigan folks into an anti-Obama post is suspect at best.

Dan said...

I just read more and what was rejected may have been some type of caucus, but I think the Obama camp will probably come around to accepting some sort of revote, but will push for whatever favors them the most. It's unclear what's going on behind closed doors at these meetings.

Steve V said...

They want a caucus because there is some worry that Clinton could eventually pass Obama in popular vote. The Clinton campaign is already resigned to not catching Obama on pledged delegates, but there is an opportunity to sway superdelegates if she wins more votes- it makes sense on a base level.

BTW, Michigan democrats didn't make their bed, a few party hacks did, and the voters shouldn't be disenfranchised because a few elites wanted more attention.

Anonymous said...

Dan how is taking away and not caring about a whole states vote "Clinton spin"? It's wrong. Next leadership convention, Saskatchewan won't get any delegates because of the Premiers and provincial legislatures decision. That sounds fair.