Saturday, April 12, 2008

We Must Not Boycott China's Olympics

China has overlooked human rights, it has hampered if not completely eroded fundamental freedoms. China's handling of Tibet has been wrong and still is. People across the globe are justified in denouncing China's actions. However protesting China's policies is one thing, boycotting an international forum is another.

China believes what its doing is right. It believes that human rights are secondary to economic success and order. For years the international community has called for China to stop abusing its people. However China has the political, economic, and military infrastructure to allow it to withstand such international pressure. Any change in China's policy must be done through negotiations, through open discussions. Any progress anyone hopes to achieve can only be done through discourse.

The Olympics are an event of the international community; where all countries come and compete. Though the Olympic participants are nation-states, the games are an opportunity for the world to come together for a shared experience. Through competition and exchange our very human nature is celebrated. There are few other forums that allow for such non-political international unity.

To boycott these games we would forfeit the opportunity for the sharing of values and experiences. We would forfeit bringing a greater commonality between the people of the world. Yes we may disagree strongly with China's actions, but we must show that we are willing to treat them as equals, for if we do not, how can any understanding be reached? How can any progress be made?

We can disagree, but we can not further divide our countries by refusing to interact with one another.

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