Monday, August 04, 2008

Conservative Government Flip-Flops Over Justice

In February 2008 when pressed why his government decided not to intervene in the planned execution of Canadian Robert Allen Smith in the state of Montana, Stockwell Day Minister of Public Safety stated:

"We won't actively intervene to bring murderers who have received due process in democratic countries back to Canada."
In August 2008 Omar Khadr, a Canadian citizen, accused of killing an American soldier when he was 15 years old, is imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay. Omar Khadr is not receiving due process (A notable Conservative blogger even admits on July 18th 2008) and is not in a democratic country.

By Stockwell Day's own statement, one would conclude then that the Canadian government will actively intervene to bring Omar Khadr back to Canada. However this Conservative government together with the previous Liberal governments, have for seven years allowed and continue to allow a Canadian citizen to be deprived of due process, even when it means going back on an earlier statement.

The Liberal governments were wrong and this Conservative government is wrong. The problem, the injustice continues however, and this Conservative government allows it to happen, and in doing so, does away with our justice, and does away with their credibility and morals.


I will make no pretensions, my position is that Omar Khadr should be tried in Canada.

I do not understand why Omar Khadr should be tried in any American institution, tribunal OR a court of law. The crime was not committed in the United States, it was committed in Afghanistan. The nationality of the victim should not determine the court upon which the accused is tried. If anything such a sentiment alludes to seeking vengeance rather then justice.

The legal system in Afghanistan could be found to be biased or in disrepute, but besides that showing the institutional failures of that country and casting doubt on the seven years of progress we have so boldly claimed, such a problem would not imply justice should occur in the USA. Indeed as innocence is presumed, and Khadr is a Canadian citizen, any accusation should therefore necessarily be made in his country of citizenship.

Omar Khadr is innocent until proven guilty. He is a Canadian Citizen. He is being refused due process, which exactly by Stockwell Day's own word's should call our Conservative government to action, to intervene on his, and our behalf. Instead we have our government doing nothing, except going back on their word.


Johnathon said...

"The nationality of the victim should not determine the court upon which the accused is tried."

If you really believe what you wrote above, how can you say with the same breath that Omar Khadr should be brought back to Canada?

That doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

John: Because whatever the abuse the victim suffered, in this case, death, it's already been done and is certain. Whereas Khadr guilt is uncertain, and is presumed innocent. It is Khadr that is to be tried, not the victim. And since Khadr is Canadian, he should be tried in Canada.

Anonymous said...

It seems obvious that whenever a country's citizen's life is threatened they should wish to have that citizen tried in their country, as that country has a duty to its citizens to give them a fair trial. This is different from being the country of the victim, which does not care about fairness as it does about vengeance.

Johnathon said...

Of course left wing Canadians want Khadre tried in Canada.

Can you imagine the circus that would create?

The left wing moonbats would celebrate this kid as a hero.

After all, he killed an American, which is every liberals and dippers dream.

Khadr should be either executed for his crime or enjoy life without parole.

In Canada, he wouldn't even end up with a criminal record.

Scott, you know that, and thats why you want him returned to Canada.

It's amazing how left wingers in Canada need American culture to survive, yet shit on it everytime they get the chance.

Anonymous said...

John: You are a right wing hoopda loo, so thus you are wrong.

Do you see how weak of an argument that is? So maybe can you try to lose the generalizations and actually criticize my argument and not rest your argument on stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

As much as you state that "the nationality of the victim should not determine the court upon which the accused is tried" the same can be said that the nationality of the accused should not determine the court upon which the accused is tried.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't the court of the accused matter? No government created the victim. Its not the government that hurt the victim. But for the accused, the government matters, the government plays a role. The government of the accused has a responsibility to them.

Anonymous said...

The government of the accused has no bearing whatsoever on the case.

Anonymous said...

Omar Khadr is right where he belongs.Why is this terrorist singled out for all the media attention?There are thousands of canadians in foreign jails..Know why?...They broke the laws of the country they were in!A canadian citizen knows that they are subject to the laws of the country they are visiting..Khadr had the luck to survive his firefight and the left leaning loonies should give thanks to the Americans for keeping him out of harm's way for the past 6 years.His past experience should show him he would not have survived too many more firefights....As a CANADIAN OF CONVENIENCE ,Khadr and his whole family (TERRORISTS ALL!!)is entitled to due process...HEY!!! THAT"S IS WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN>>>HA!HA!HA!