Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Liberal Dream Team

(Abstract) Reintroduce Canadians to the fact that Stephane Dion, the Liberal Party leader, has already fought an election and won, and it was against far better politicians then Stephen Harper.


The Liberal Leadership Convention did more then elect Stephane Dion, it introduced him and ten other Liberals to the Canadian public. Over the months of campaigning, the media penned numerous stories of each contender, making them familiar to Canadians. The likes of Michael Ignatieff, Bob Rae, Gerard Kennedy, and Martha Hall Findlay, to name a few, became household names. In this general election where leadership has been made a focal point, the Liberal Party has not one ace up their sleeves, but because of their great team, eleven.

The lengthy process of membership drives, delegate selection, policy formation, campaign organizing, and convention deliberating, launched eleven Liberal candidates into the media and into the Canadian public's consciousness. These Liberals are a resource for this October 14 Election, not because they simply have noteriety, not simply because they have a celebrity-like appeal, but because they are respected and acclaimed for fighting for what they believe in.

Involving Igatieff, Rae, Kennedy, and Findlay among others, would not only illustrate to Canadians the vast pool of experience and grit the Liberals have to offer to Canadians, involving this dream team, would show where the Conservatives have but the leadership skills of one man, the Liberals have a team.

Where the Conservatives are branding themselves as party of Stephen Harper, a party of one middle-aged overweight white male; with the Liberals we have the opportunity to be be branded a party of diverse individuals, with male and female leaders, from different races and backgrounds and from different age groups.

The Conservatives want this election to be pitted between Harper and Dion because Stephen Harper is their only resource. The Conservatives are a top-down organization, the only movement going up are the individual contributions from an unquestioning membership. The Liberal strength does not come from a similar Conservative authoritative hierarchy. The Liberal strength is from not just having one leader, and from not just having eleven leaders, but from being a party of leaders.

Bringing to the forefront a well-known team of fighters and of leaders, will not only deluge the Conservative leadership focus, but will emphasize and reintroduce Canadians to the fact that Stephane Dion, the Liberal party leader, has already fought an election and won, and it was against far better politicians then Stephen Harper.


Manuel said...

His win was as impressive as Stelmachs in Alberta, the outcome may mean your the leader, but being everyones second choice isn't exactly a thrill. I still think Iggy would have been the best bet, I vote con but I could live with him as a pm.

Anonymous said...

If we could just remove Dion from the picture, it would indeed be a dream team.

Anonymous said...

Manuel: That's my point right there. You know ignatieff, and you know the rest of them. The Liberals should be using the name recognition, and fighting this election with all their fighters instead of just one.

Anon: Like it or not, he's there. I've dealt with it, maybe you should to.