Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stephane Dion Will Win This Election

Polls and graphs are numbers and figures, they don't describe what is right or what is wrong. What is right and what is wrong is decided by reason and knowledge. The polls state the Conservatives are drastically ahead of the Liberals, that doesn't mean that they should be. What should be, is what is right, and what is right is a Liberal government. Stephane Dion will win this election not because of polls or because of graphs, he will win because he should win, he will win because it is right for him to win.

This Conservative Party is what is wrong, it was wrong to have been in government, and it was wrong to have done all that it did. The Conservative Party under Stephen Harper lied about income trusts; it cut funding to womens groups if not destroying them all together; it cut cultural programs that irrevocably damaged our very spirit as Canadians; it changed our foreign policy to now allow Canadians to be executed abroad; even with just a minority government it attempted to back-door legislation that would make abortion illegal; and it proposed new youth crime laws that conflict constitutionally with our very own principle of justice. The Conservative Party will not win this election because it should not win, because it is wrong.

The Liberal Party's principles are built by reason and from the knowledge of our nation's greatest leaders. In this election what is right is a Liberal victory. What is right is Stephane Dion becoming our next Prime Minister. Stephane Dion will win this election.


Deb Prothero said...

we can hope that Canadians will rise to this occasion.

Anonymous said...

You may want Stephane Dion to win but he won't. I haven't heard a single non-political person talk about him. Not even the press take him seriously. Time to talk about a Liberal election loss and a new leader. Please don't choose Bob Rae.

Anonymous said...

I will always believe what should happen and what will happen is what is right. What is right is a Liberal government and it will happen.

To be whats right for Canada you don't need to have press spin you or have your soundbytes parroted by short-attention spanned reporters.

Canada is going to do whats right. Stephane Dion will win.

You may want him to lose, but he won't.


MississaugaPeter said...

Stephane is the visionary with the plan that Canada needs right now.

However, if you have a bunch of ineffective hacks running the War Room, planning pit stops in front of grade 9s yesterday (are we after the university vote in 2012; mind you this would have been fine if there was not less than 3 weeks until Voting Day)...

However, if you have a bunch of ineffective hacks as Quebec co-chairs - who have allowed an Albertan and Torontonian (NDP - 18%) to pass the native son in Quebec (Lib - 14%)...

Sorry Scott, without additional help in the War Room with people who know how to get the attention of the MSM and to draw attention to positive Liberal policies, without the purge of incompetence in Quebec, even the right man at the right time (Stephane) is going no where near 24 Sussex (and may even be booted out of Stornoway).

Caleb Del Begio said...
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me dere robert said...

so naive..

If the media doesn't cover him properly how are Canadians suppose to know "he is what's right"?

It's unfortunate but this election doesn't seem to be about what's right for Canada.

Gary said...

Dion will NOT win the election. Lets be real.

The issue for the Liberal Party is: Can Dion keep Jack Layton from moving into the subsidized housing for the Leader of the Opposition? Given polling in BC Quebec and Ontario - that issue is far from clear. Anyway, it doesn't really matter to Mr. Dion as whoever wins second place the Liberals Party will ensure that Mr. Dion is not Leader of the Opposition. Dion and the Liberal Party are toast in this election.

Of more concern to the Liberals Party must be the fact that the party is in debt for last years operating expenses and this election and the reduced vote will mean that the party has even less money than ever fro the taxpayer for the next 4 years. The costs of the last leadership race and the new leadership race on top of that debt means a bankrupt, leaderless wandering in the wilderness with Left wing votes split 4 ways and the Conservative Party firmly occupying the center of the political landscape.

The issue for the Liberals is avoiding the results Kim Campbell achieved and the Death that befell the Progressive Conservative Party.

Jaytoo said...

"What should be, is what is right, and what is right is a Liberal government."

Scott: You think this arrogance helps?

Anonymous said...

Just because YOU think something is right, does not make it so. More people seem to think Harper is the right choice, and that will be the outcome on election night. It's time you face reality. Arrogance and entitlement is such a Liberal quality.

Anonymous said...

There are NO Americans in Iraq!

Christian Conservative said...

And your absolute arrogance is yet another piece of evidence as to why the Liberal Party of Canada WILL and SHOULD lose this election.

Your views do not reflect everyone's views in this great country. This is a democracy. People are entitled to disagree with you.

When you've figured that out, then maybe you should be allowed to have the keys to 24 Sussex back.

Anonymous said...

Last Anonymous: Is Philosophy arrogant to suggest some moral theories are flawed? Does science have a sense of entitlement to think it is the best theory of discovery? No, because both are proven to be the best.

I am not basing my opinion on emotion or blind passion, because I know that the Liberal Party's principles are the best principles, the right principles for Canada, just as I know empirical observation and logic are the best means for gathering facts and constructing arguments. That is not entitlement or arrogance, its proven.

Caleb: The arts are what differentiates us from animals. Even the most celebrated scientists believed this, most notably Francis Bacon, the father of modern science.

me dere robert: The media doesn't win elections, party's do. The Liberal Party won without Global a century ago and it will do so again, not by what some reporter says, but by what we say and do.

gary: The Liberals will win, and Stephane Dion will be the next Prime Minister.

jaytoo: Arrogance? If believing something is right is arrogant, then yes I am arrogant.

You can attempt to label my certainty anything you want, but my beliefs are justified by reason. The reason that shows that the principles the Liberal Party are built on far surpass that of any other party and what make it the right Party for Canada.

mississauga: The Liberal Party wasn't built by its war room or by the MSM, it was built on its principles. And as far as I can tell the Liberal Party is still founded on those great ambitions of a greater and better Canada.

The Liberal Party will win because we value reason over emotion; because we realize the economy is more then the market, but people too; and because we know justice is not made up of just courts and prisons, but social institutions, principles, and rights.

Anonymous said...

Christian Conservative: I am not claiming to be superior to anyone. I am claiming that the Liberal Party is right for Canada because its principles are demonstrably better than any other political party's.

It's easy just to ignore someone by attacking them personally, but I understand given the Conservative Party's complete lack of humanity.


Anonymous said...

The Liberal party can't have the best principles, because it has absolutely no principles. It is a giant contradiction.

Asserting that the Liberal Party values reason over emotion, "understands" the economy and clings to nebulous, intangible notions of justice as proof of objective standards, is laughable.

Anonymous said...

Anon: I suggest you read the Liberal Party's constitution and the history of Canada. Our principles are clear and prevalent.

What I really don't understand is you're description of justice as intangible, for in Canada it is a real concept that is clearly defined in our legal system.

Justice isn't some abstract term, it is a real application of what is right.

The Liberal Party does not ignore justice it embraces it, and that is why it is right for Canada.

Anonymous said...

Scott: you are completely and totally out to lunch.

Stephane Dion will lose, and lose very badly, which he very richly deserves. With any luck, therefater Liberal party will also go bankrupt, and Canada will be rid of its nuisance for all time.

I for one cannot wait to hear your explanation of all this after it occurs.

Anonymous said...

Anon: I can promise you the Liberal Party will never cease, not while I'm breathing. It's not that the Party deserves such support because simply its my party, its because the party fights for and represents the principles I don't only adhere to but live for.

The Liberal Party will win and Canadian society will be all the better for because of the fulfillment of our principle of justice, in the redemption of social programs, and a government that values principle more then politics.


Anonymous said...

The Liberal Party will never die eh? I hope you've got several million dollars and a way around election financing rules then, because bankruptcy law doesn't really care about your passion for Liberal "principles"

The Liberal Party will lose, lose badly, and I can't wait to rub it in your face when they do.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sorry Scott. I appreciate your enthusiasm, I really do, but as a lifelong Liberal beginning with Trudeau's first win as party leader I have to say your optimism is unfounded.

As a journalist I have covered politics in Ottawa and I have immersed myself in all things political ever since. I have never witnessed a Liberal leader even remotely as hapless as Stephane Dion.

For the past 30-years I've made my home on the west coast. I can tell you that, out here, Mr. Dion has all but no presence. He simply has failed to connect with voters. The man is an utter dud.

Policies are all well and good but they're meaningless if you can't sell them to the public, if you can't effectively practise the art of politics. I can't see that Mr. Dion has improved in that respect one iota since he claimed the leadership of our party.

I truly believed that Dion would do whatever it took to transform himself into a leader with whom Canadians could identify. That's why I supported him in the leadership race. I was wrong.

I have covered one federal election campaign and I've seen and met leaders of all parties. I've just never seen or met one who compares with Mr. Dion.

This "leader" ought to have pulled the trigger on the Afghanistan extension. We might have lost that election but Harper would have had to settle for another miserable minority and, better yet, would have been stuck as the cheerleader of our Afghanistan adventure. Today the man treats Afghanistan as though it was political cholera. There's a reason for that. Were we winning, he'd still be beating the war drums.

Instead Harper has brilliantly outmanoeuvered Dion. He's called a snap election when we weren't ready for it (and there's no excuse for that). He got the election he needed when the public's attention to his record and gaffes had faded. He constructed an election in which he has no accountability for his record, in which he stands on no platform. It doesn't get any better than that for Stephen Harper.

Christ almighty Scott, our man (at least for the next month or two) has bungled this thing horribly. He just can't cut it. The sooner the party is rid of him the sooner we can rebuild and restore viability to the Liberal brand.

Anonymous said...

Mound: I live in Kelowna BC. I riding which has been Conservative in one shape or another for 40 years.

I supported Kennedy during leadership, and then I was one of four Kennedy youth that didn't follow Kennedy to Dion, but instead went Ignatieff.

I have disagreed with certain policies of the Liberals but my minor disagreements with our party is nothing compared to the fundamental and extreme problems that I have with Conservatism.

I don't care what the media does. I don't care if every poll shows Liberals are -54%. What I care about is doing what is right. And what is right is ensuring 14 year olds don't have reverse-onus imposed on them by the Conservatives; to ensure womens rights and minority rights are not just protected but strengthened; and to ensure abortion isn't back-doored to a criminal offence.

You can do whatever you like. I'm fighting for what is right. I'm fighting to make sure the Liberal Party will get elected.


swizzlestick said...

The "spirit of Canadians" is defined by government handouts? I think not.

Any thoughtful person knows that Dion would be a complete disaster for the country. You don't honestly believe the words you've written. Do you??

Platty said...

So you are saying that all of the polls, all of the pundits, all of the Liberal's who have thrown Dion under the bus, all of these people are wrong and you are right because you are fighting for what is right?

And you say that you know empirical observation and logic are the best means for gathering facts and constructing arguments?

You should also know that, unless this is a satirical piece, you are delusional. I am not name calling here, I think you should take a step back and let this go.

What happens when the Liberals don't win? Worse yet, what happens to you if the NDP surpass the Liberal's and they are sent out into the political wilderness?

I understand that we all get emotional and passionate about our chosen party, but, sometimes they just can't win, no matter how much we wish they would.

Kai said...

Wow, almost as entertaining as Cherniak. Its difficult to believe anyone could be so enthusiastic in light of the drubbing the Liberals are about to take.

As to what is right, well, Scott, as much as you claim to know this through empirical evidence, I have to burst your bubble and tell you that what is right is a value judgment. You seem to think that the Liberals have the sole knowledge and principles to govern the country well. I disagree, from strippergate, to the HRD funds "missing", to adscam, the gun registry's waste of over a billion dollars, to off loading services onto the shoulders of the provinces, to screwng with equalization payment calculations, to 13 years delay on the much promised child care and aboriginal programs the Liberals sure show what their priorities really are. Power. They like being in charge and will do and say anything to get and keep it.

I shudder to think that they could regain government anytime in the near future. They are a rudderless, morally and ethically moribund collection of self-interest groups all scrambling for their little hunk of power and cash. Corrupt, lying, and disingenuous as a cpllective. NEVER AGAIN.