Tuesday, September 30, 2008

To Every Student, To Every Youth, Vote For Change, Vote For The Liberal Party

Canada will change because of us, not just when we're older, when we have careers, families, or fortunes, but now. Canada will change now because we are not just the future leaders of our great country, we are its leaders today. It is us the youth who challenge the status quo, who offer the 'better' instead of the 'its good enough.' On October 14 is the day we lead. We lead to choose a better Canada.

For the last three years under this Conservative government, our cultural and art programs have been censored and eroded, justice has been divisively corrupted in our domestic and international policies, the environment has been not just ignored but subjugated to the whims of multinational corporations, aboriginals have been lied to, social infrastructure has been cut, and the Canadian economy has been brought to the brink of deficit. No other time in our history has change been so greatly needed.

Change for a better society, change for a better environment, and change for a better Canada. The Liberal Party is that change.

It is the Liberal Party that will besides doubling the Canada Council for the Arts funding to $360 million dollars, offer innovative policies to support our culture such as income averaging for artists, which involves changing our tax system to better reflect the peaks and valleys of the artistic work cycle.

It is the Liberal Party that will strengthen our economy by taxing high polluters and cutting Income taxes. By taxing more of what we don't want, and taxing less of what we do, a Liberal government will not only improve our environment but put more money in the hands of Canadians. As a result of this Green Shift, income taxes will be cut by 10% for the lowest earning Canadians, and 5% for middle income earners.

It is the Liberal Party that will make education a priority, not just with proposed $1000 annual grants to every post-secondary student, as well as creating over 300,000 new bursaries, but with substantial reform to student loans. It is the Liberals who will change the student loan structure to ensure every student, independent of their parents income, will be eligible for a guaranteed student loan of $5,000.

It is time we the students, we the youth, we the leaders change Canada. On October 14th vote for change, vote for the Liberal Party.

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