Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why Conservative MP Ron Cannan Should Not Be Re-elected

On March 31st 2007 my Conservative Member of Parliament for Kelowna - Lake country Ron Cannan hosted an advertised "Open House" for all of his constituents to discuss the upcoming budget. I decided to bring a video camera to the event because I wanted to get Mr. Cannan on the record explaining why he had gone back on an election promise of supporting the Kelowna Accord.

Once at the "Open House" two elderly gentleman stood up to demand an answer for the Conservatives going back on another election promise, to not tax income trusts. Instead of getting an answer, they were told by a member of Ron Cannan's campaign team that the "Open House" was actually a meeting for Conservative members only.

Since it was the first time I had used my video camera, I wasn't sure if I was picking up any audio so I made my way over to the ensuing disagreement. As I neared, the very same Conservative campaign member came straight towards me. With Ron Cannan just feet away, it was repeated that this was just a meeting for Conservatives and that I had to stop filming. Then not only was I asked for my political affiliation, my name, my address, and the university I attended, I was told to leave.

Recalling that every advertisement I saw for this event stated it was an "Open House" for all of the constituents of Kelowna - Lake country, something even Ron Cannan admits it was, I continued to film.

My camera was then pushed down and I was told to leave. Because of the intimidation and the general pressure imposed on me, I shortly left, wondering how my representative could have allowed his staff to lie about, and oppress, a public meeting.

That night I posted the video on YouTube and quite instantly it was seen by thousands of Canadians. Days later after newspapers and news stations picked up the story Ron Cannan did apologize but emphasized that I, at 23 years of age, had a "vendetta" against him and though the video did not lie, it was edited to make him look bad.

In my response to Mr. Cannan I can stress I have never had a vendetta against him; I just wanted my representative on record. And as for editing the video, I only inserted one still reiterating the fact that no where in the advertisements for the "Open House" was it mentioned it was a Conservative meeting, something of which Mr.Cannan himself admits to.

An elected representative should not have stood idly by and have allowed his staff to lie to and oppress his constituents. Ron Cannan failed to listen to his electorate and instead acted to oppress them. Ron Cannan should not be re-elected as MP for Kelowna - Lake country.

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Acid Reflux ( said...

These guys are really gross. I think I'd almost pull out my cell phone and call the cops on them, and get their names before I'd be handing any information about me over to them. But I can imagine it was intense and you handled yourself well.