Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adam Miron: Dion Leadership Organizer And YLC National Director

I wrote the below post at risk of alienation and repercussions from within the party. I wrote this because I want genuine renewal. I'm tired of Liberals saying "As long as there's no rule against it, it's okay." I'm tired of Liberals knowing wrongs are being committed but not saying anything about them. I'm tired of Liberals justifying winning at all costs. Liberals must stop doing anything that is possible, and instead do what is right.

This is a follow-up to this post.

In 2006 the Dion campaign in BC used deception and dishonesty to corrupt the delegate system the Liberal Party uses in selecting its leader. The Dion campaign used a "Decoy delegate" strategy, where they would plant Dion delegates in Dion unfriendly ridings to pose as other leadership candidates' delegates. These delegates once in Montreal would not vote on the first ballot, as they would have been restricted to voting for the candidate they were elected for, but after that ballot they would vote for Dion, thus giving him the image of swelling momentum.

I have been in communication with various delegates who have told me they had been organized in this decoy delegate strategy by the Dion campaign and I have also had other Dion organizers admit to me off-the-record that such a strategy was used. As for more prominent Dion organizers I have yet to receive a reply.

A few months ago, before the election I grasped the gravity of this strategy, and its consequential corruption and I recalled back to Camp Wanna-be-free, a Young Liberal retreat in Peachland BC that occurred during the leadership race. I remembered something Adam Miron, a Dion organizer had told me, that the Dion campaign had an ace-in-the-hole, a 'strategy' that would guarantee a win for Dion. At the time I pressed him, and though he talked intimately about other campaign topics, on this strategy he would not say anything more then it was huge. After finding out about decoy delegates, I connected the two, and believed that the very strategy Adam Miron kept secret was this decoy delegate strategy that was implemented by the Dion campaign in BC.

In September of this year, conscious of the fact that Adam Miron would not overtly admit to being involved in this decoy strategy, as after Dion's win he was hired as the National Director of the YLC, I emailed him posing as one of these decoy delegates. I told him that someone pretending to be him sent me an email asking for a list of other decoy delegates and that I was worried that I would be found out. Below is a copy of the emails, note just like another smart Young Liberal I know, he does not want a written record, as shown in his persistence in getting me to call him. Also note his promise to keep my name out of it and that no trouble will come to me:

Adam Miron: Give me a few minutes to figure out best course of action.

Thanks for your excellent insight

Speak soon

Adam Miron:
Can you call me?


Decoy Delegate:
This is retarded. I'm in class. Who is this then? What the fuck does he want? Is this gonna start shit

Adam Miron: When are you free to call me?

Decoy Delegate: noon. I'm not getting in trouble

Adam Miron: No worries about trouble, man. This won't come back on you in any way. I really appreciate you sending this to me. Where do you live? Its 1:24 where I live (ottawa).

Decoy Delegate: He has MY name, but I'm glad your confident I'm in Vancouver.

Adam Miron: That's where I am from. I used to work in the lpcbc office. Did you donate to the GK camapign? If so he could have pulled your name from election canada's website. Anyone can access information is you've donated.

Decoy Delegate: No I didnt, but I fucked up. He called me days ago and asked me and I said yes

Adam Miron: Do you have his number?

Decoy Delegate: I wrote it down, not with me. so im screwed then

Adam Miron: You are not screwed at all. I'm sorry this happened to you, but can assure you nothing ill will come your way out of this.

Did he say anything else identifying?

Decoy Delegate: he said he was you. That he was making a database of dion delegates who went to the convention as other delegates. That he was like me, one of those delegates and now he worked directly under dion. So your saying my name will stay out of this

Adam Miron: If you want your name to stay out of this then I will make that happen.

Decoy Delegate: yeah of course i do

Adam Miron: I really want to find out who this is.

Decoy Delegate
: how are you gonna keep my name out of this if you don't even know who it is? im sorry but he has me admitting to it, what are you gonna do

Adam Miron: Call me when you can and we will discuss it.
From the above correspondence, from what other Dion organizers told me, and from what he had told me at Camp Wanna-be-free I believe Adam Miron is one of the Dion organizers who participated in the decoy delegate strategy. I have since emailed Adam Miron about his role in the decoy delegate strategy, it has been more then a month and I have received no reply.

I wrote the above post at risk of alienation and repercussions from within the party. I wrote this because I want genuine renewal. I'm tired of Liberals saying "As long as there's no rule against it, it's okay." I'm tired of Liberals knowing wrongs are being committed but not saying anything about them. I'm tired of Liberals justifying winning at all costs. Liberals must stop doing anything that is possible, and instead do what is right.


Steve V said...

You know what dude, you're a fucking idiot. That guy worked tirelessly for this party, and from everything I gather is a decent chap, with the BEST of intentions.

Grow up, and get out of your bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Steve: Are you suggesting Adam had no involvement in the decoy delegate strategy?

I'd appreciate it if you refrained from swearing and from the personal attacks.

I don't understand you're emotional response.


Steve V said...

"I'd appreciate it if you refrained from swearing and from the personal attacks. "

I'll get right on that, as soon as you get a half a clue.

Anonymous said...

Steve, please enlighten me then.


Anonymous said...

I've presented evidence, granted I have other anonymous sources (anonymous to everyone else) that I'd be mocked for, but I've presented those emails and what he said at Camp Wanna-be-free. Not only that but I implore the Liberal Party to look into this. I welcome it.

So Steve you can attack me, but perhaps you could present some reasoning to your attack?


knb said...

You want Steve to refrain from personal attacks? That's rich.

Anonymous said...

Knb: Please explain how I am personally attacking anyone.


Tania said...

What you're alluding to is tantamount to slander, trying to hide behind "anonymous sources" and third party information.

I was a Dion delegate from BC. I was never asked to support anyone else but Dion from the very beginning.

I know some people who were involved heavily in the campaign and none ever approached me with scheme you're referencing.

It's obvious you've never been a fan of Dion. I couldn't care to bother to go back in your archives to see who your chosen leader was at the time.

You want party renewal and try preach it yet you're no different than the media that uses anonymous or disgruntled so-called liberals.

I've seen some of your feeds on liblogs and you seem to just be wanting to make a name for yourself by criticizing the party and Dion without offering any viable solutions yourself.

And, given you've been blogging for awhile, when citing online sources, it is courteous to link back to them, i.e., your previous post about rumours of an Ignatieff/Rae alliance etc.

I wish there was a way to remove your "stories" from the liblogs rss feed because you do more of a disservice for unity and renewal talk by disrespecting a leader a lot of us Liberals have supported.

Anonymous said...

Tania: "What you're alluding to is tantamount to slander" Please explain, provide one piece of evidence to support this claim.

Tania, tell you what let's have the Liberal Party look into this what do you say? If I'm wrong I'll pay for the whole expense of the investigation. How does that sound?

You forget to mention the numerous posts I have criticizing Stephen Harper, you can just look at my menu bar and see that I criticize the Conservatives more then anyone by far margins.

I was one of the few Liberals who passionately supported Dion, I wrote numerous posts to that point.

I suggest you first do any type of research before you speak on a subject.


Tania said...

Sure, you go ahead and e-mail the Liberal Party and pay for all the costs up front since you're so sure this actually happened.

Criticizing Harper doesn't make you a Liberal. It could make you a Green, a Block, a Marxist-Leninist, an NDPer.

And I stated that I haven't read your blog long enough to see who you supported at the beginning of the campaign and that I didn't care to go into your archives. Comprehend much?

I was stating all your recent posts on the liblogs rss feed I have received have had nothing to do with this "renewal" you're preaching and instead are the opposite.

I suggest you take your condescending tone to and look up the difference between then and than before you tell me try provide me with advice on what to do with my time.

Anonymous said...

Tania: If I'm so sure it happened, why would I pay up front? Don't you think me saying it happened and I'll pay if it didn't illustrates my certainty better?

As for renewal, read four posts back Tania.

You admit you haven't read much of my blog yet you continue to criticize me for its content, that doesn't seem very reputable to me.

And you can criticize me for my grammar all you want, all I suggest is you should perfect your spelling first.


Tania said...

Your logic is faulty. If you're so sure it happened, why not pay for the costs up front yourself in the name of justice?

If your little theory is proven correct, ask for a refund.

But you're the one that should be prepared to put your money where your font is. Anyone can throw out an allegation and cite anonymous sources.

I heard from someone who reads your blog regularly that you have self-esteem issues.

I don't need your permission to criticize you.

There's nothing wrong with my spelling, peanut.

Way to continue fracturing the party. I'm done reading your rants. I'll just unsubscribe from liblogs in general and just choose blogs where people aren't throwing out wild theories without any proof.

You're free to carry on.

- The Tania

Anonymous said...

Tania: I can cite the sources, I'm not going to cite them to you.

What are you scared of Tania? I don't have the money to pay for an investigation, but if I had the BC delegate list I'd be able to amply do the complete investigation myself.

Good-bye Tania

Mike said...

Sure Scott I guess you win. You surely are the saviour of the party. You can reallly give yourself a pat on the back for your good deeds today. Good for you, you'd make Steve Janke proud.

Yet people have similar stories of other camps but have more class than to try to fight old battles for which the result can't be changed. There are no lessons learned from your post. I feel quite confident though that it will have made no positive difference at all and you'll realize that in time as well I'm sure.

You can do 50 more posts on this topic and argue about your e-mails that, whether true or not actually would never hold up as real evidence in court and therefore are flimsy evidence at best.

The party won't look into this and has moved on, maybe someday you will too.


Anonymous said...

Mike, you can be as sarcastic as you want, but you know this happened.

It's funny you rebuke me, and suggest these will have no effect. That's the very attitude I think is ruining the Liberal Party.

It's not just that the Dion campaign used this strategy, it's that all these Liberals didn't speak out because of people like you.


me dere robert said...

I wrote this because I want genuine renewal.

Personally, Sherlock Holmes, the trend in your blog posts makes me think you wrote this because you're a drama queen...

Anonymous said...

Me Dere Robert: You can think whatever you want, but you should present some evidence either way.


Darren said...

Man you are a complete fucking idiot. Miron was barely involved in the Dion campaign.

Not only do you look like a complete shithead, but this is libel.

I hope you or your family dont own any assets.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same camp wanna be free that you puked all over yourself?

Anonymous said...

Darren: I understand that people use profanity to express extreme feelings, but it's not that proper for discussion.

Please suggest how present facts is libel?

Anon: I think you have me confused with someone else, I did not puke that weekend. I know of a few people who did which in reflecting back on it, was quite humourous.