Thursday, October 09, 2008

Green Party Appears To Rush To Consolidate

***Update*** The Green Party seems to have removed the earlier press release and replaced it with a corrected version. Notice the date has been removed and certain grammatical errors corrected.

In a hastened press release the Green Party attempts to address concerns about strategic voting and the possible perceived futility in voting Green. This release comes in light of one of its candidates withdrawing to endorse the Liberals, and indeed CTV is reporting two Quebec Green candidates have done so. It appears the Green Party has hastily posted a press release on its website to reaffirm to its candidates and its members that it is not disintegrating or moving its support towards the Liberals.

I suggest that this press release was rushed due to multiple errors it contains. Within the release itself, there seems to be that sense of frantic urgency. One example is that the post is dated "10.10.2008" which is tomorrow, Friday, yet one of the very first lines in the release states:

"On Tuesday, Canada needs to elect Green Party MPs, leader Elizabeth May said today."
First, the press release was issued today, Thursday Oct. 9, not tomorrow. But this point too illustrates the Green's haste, as the party's main page dates the press release as "09.10.2008." Second, even if it is to be issued tomorrow, tomorrow is not Tuesday.

It is my belief that this press release was hurried and written in response to Danielle Moreau, a Quebec Green candidate endorsing Ryan Hillier the Liberal candidate in her riding. I suggest that this release in fact used old quotes of May and hastily pasted them before proper editing could occur. The reason for that is clearly Elizabeth May has not had the opportunity to make the quoted statements tomorrow yet, nor has she said them today, Tuesday, because obviously today is not Tuesday.

There is also the sense the Greens frantically sent out the release due to a small grammatical error consisting of an extra comma in a quote of May's:
I want to be joined by a strong caucus of MPs, like Adriane Carr in Vancouver Centre, Blair Wilson, Mike Nagy, Dick Hibma, , John Fryer, Huguette Allen and others. We are running strong campaigns across this country.”
Some of these errors with the Green press release are large and some are minor, but it is clear that this release was hastily posted. I suggest the Greens' organization is quite worried by the recent development of Green candidates withdrawing and supporting the Liberal Party.


Saskboy said...

You've misunderstood. Tuesday is the day of the election.
It's not the best idea, but they may have chosen the 10th as the date of the release, so that it would sort the way they wanted it to on the page. You're right, it has the appearance of being rushed.

Anonymous said...

Sask: Looking at it, yes I did misunderstand, but in my defence the grammar was poor.

Anonymous said...

Sask: As in I mean no quotation marks. No paraphrase marks. Just looking at right now it still looks awkward.

Lonecrow said...

Was the grammar as bad as CTV interviewers who don't understand proper tense agreement?