Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leadership in Toronto or Montreal

Even though there was a Liberal Policy Convention planned in Vancouver this coming May, which could have easily been transformed into the Leadership Convention to replace Stephane Dion, there are prominent Liberals in BC admitting that there is a good chance the Convention will be moved to Toronto or Montreal.

A high-level Liberal has communicated that the Liberal Party's National Executive is being lobbied to change the location of the Leadership Convention from Vancouver to Toronto or Montreal. Though exact reasons are not forthcoming, it was suggested that this pressure is resulting from the financial considerations for individual delegates traveling to the convention. If the convention is held in a central location and closer to the majority of delegates only a fewer amount of Liberals will have to pay for flights and accommodation. The decreased financial toll would in turn allow for more donations to the party.

The prominent Liberal source emphasized that the National Executive has not yet made its decision, and there is an opportunity for the National Executive to keep the convention in Vancouver. This has motivated a movement among riding association presidents and various provincial party officials in BC to contact the National Executive and inform them of the need to keep the convention in Vancouver.

In an obtained document from a Liberal on the provincial executive it is argued that the Liberals need to broaden their image from a party of Central Canada to a truly national party. Having continued conventions in Toronto or Montreal will do nothing to improve this image. A second argument is that the National Executive can avoid blame by not changing the location because the convention venue is already booked in Vancouver.

This Liberal official emphasized that notable Liberals who want the Leadership Convention to stay in Vancouver should contact LPC President Doug Ferguson and National Director Greg Fergus.


WesternGrit said...

The convention should remain in Vancouver. We can count on the "serious" Eastern delegates to show up, but lets tap into the audience of another mega-city. Vancouver has lots to offer, and it's West-Coast location is conducive to liberal thought. It is ripe for the picking - if the party chooses to be so bold...

Anonymous said...

Well you also have to consider those candidates who don't have an organization in the west yet, they'll be advocating a central convention for sure.


Jonathan said...

I wonder if the average donor in Quebec gave more than the average donor in BC in 2006. With such a focus on donations to individual leadership campaigns I highly doubt that the party saw increased donations from Montreal delegates thanks to money saved on transportation or accommodation.

…and hasn’t this party been hurt enough by anonymous sources?? This “prominent Liberal source” may be reliable but it’s time we stop giving these cowards a podium to communicate and insist that if they wish to deliver a message they do so with their OWN NAME.

As far as I’m concerned, this is just idle speculation. Why are you sacrificing the quality of your blog?

me dere robert said...

As I had posted over at CalgaryGrit:

Departing: Fri, May 1, 2009
Halifax(YHZ) to Vancouver(YVR)

Returning: Mon, May 4, 2009
Vancouver(YVR) to Halifax(YHZ)

Total Cost of Flight
$1,217.33 CAD

Northern PoV said...

Location, location, location

It may be true for real estate but politics????

if it really mattered then John Turner would have done better in 1984 and opened up the west (remember he shocked everyone by "bravely" running in Quadra) and Joe Clark's 1990's era PCs would have taken some Reform seats on Joe's Calgary area coattails.

Who cares if:
* it was a policy convention already planned for Vcr. Now it has a different purpose

* the symbolism is wrong (giving fodder to some pundits that will be inventing issues they can harp about in columns that are quickly forgotten). - what works best for the party is the important issue of substance here

* we got enough issues to work through without creating a phony one

signed... a Liberal in Vancouver

Anonymous said...

Jon: First, I know the anonymous source and I have evidence to support it.

Second, this has nothing to do with the quality of my blog because you can believe it or not, that's your choice.

Third, I could name some Liberal and you'd never be the wiser. It's a blog not a newspaper. No one will really check either way.

I'm writing on my reputation. So if you trust me, believe it. If you don't, oh well.