Thursday, October 16, 2008

Star: Dion To Resign, CTV: In The Dark

The Toronto Star reported early this morning that Stephane Dion will step down as Leader of the Liberal Party today. CTV is reporting that they have talked with those close to Dion and the leader will not be stepping down today. It appears as if there are conflicting reports. However one should consider that the Star has shown great support for Dion and I imagine there is a reciprocal level of respect. In comparison CTV has broken journalistic principles to make Dion look bad, and Dion has expressed his justified dislike of CTV. When one makes such considerations I am inclined to think CTV will be the last ones to know.


Anonymous said...

I haven't decided who is worse, The Star or CTV. The Star editorial today states we need a new leader, and a real platform. 72 hours ago, they gave a ringing endorsement of Dion, and the party's direction...Can anyone say - No credibility.

Anonymous said...

anon: I agree it does say something about the Star's credibility in regards to its opinion pieces.


Greg said...

I think it would be funny if the Liberals continued to dump misinformation on CTV. I can see the headlines:

"Dion to travel to Newfoundland to club baby seals"

"Bob Rae vows to base his campaign on a cure for cleft palate"

"Liberals intend to charge Harper with violation of spitting in public laws."