Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stephane Dion, A Liberal Leader

No matter our colours, we all fought hard for what we believe in, to make Canada a better union, a better society, and a better country. Our interests, our policies, our parties were embodied in our leaders, their shoulders heavy and their passions noble. Stephane Dion emboldened with the greatest principles and the most enduring spirit that is the Liberal party, fought for Liberals, fought for Canadians, and fought for Canada.

The Liberal party may have lost this election, but it will never lose its principles which made our country great. The justice that is enshrined in liberalism where reason is valued more then vengeance. The equality that can only be recognized by the Liberal realization of both the collective and the individual roles within society. And the most important, the very foundation of Canada built upon the most fundamental Liberal ideal, that Canadians, that people are what matter.

Stephane Dion may have lost this election, but we as Liberals will never lose the aspects of his character which made our party great. His boldness in pursuing policies based on facts instead of opportunism. His rationality of fighting on issues instead of slander and political rhetoric. And his most impressive, his passion. His passion to never give up in what we believe in, in what we believe is right.

Stephane Dion and the Liberal party lost the election, but we will never lose our principles that made our party great nor will we lose those aspects characterized so well in our Leader, Stephane Dion.

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