Monday, October 20, 2008

Stephane Dion Resigns & The Liberal Problem


WesternGrit said...

Good post. Good points. Do you think anything will be done to change this before May?

Maybe we can go to a split system? Everyone votes on ballot one, then we do to a delegational system after that? I don't know... There has to be some way to increase our input.

Anonymous said...

Due to our Party's Constitution we can't change anything until the Convention, which of course is too late. All we can do is make sure changes are made at the May Convention.

I am all for every Liberal voting. Perhaps preferential ballots.


Mark said...

Wetserngrit - the system you suggest is pretty much what is in place now. Everyone votes at the riding level, and that vote is reflected in the first ballot. It becomes a delegated convention from then on.

Jason said...

The idea of one member one vote is a great plan for situations like now - when we want to spend less money on our own internal operations to pay off party debt, and save up for the next campaign.

I think, however, we're in a bit of a problem. You have delegates voting to eliminate the exact mechanics that got them to be able to vote and not others. If we can convince people that this is the fair thing to do, then May will be a good month for Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Jason: The delegate system was voted on in Montreal. It only survived by less then a 170 votes. If it was that close then, I don't see much chance of it staying if we get a second shot.

Just a little fact, Denis Coderre, possible Lib Leader candidate gave a rising speech for the delegate system during the last convention. A speech I credit for turning the tide.