Wednesday, November 05, 2008

American Fear Of Assassination Growing

On November 4th after making history as the first black President of the United States of America, Barack Obama in Grant Park Chicago gave a victory speech to hundreds of thousands of his supporters, one less talked about feature is he did this behind bullet proof glass.

Ever since May 2007 Barack Obama has had Secret Service security, less than three months after announcing his run for the oval office, making him the first presidential candidate to have such protection that early. During his campaign he was the target of over 500 death threats and various assassination attempts, but now as President, it is not only the Secret Service and other law agencies that are becoming more aware of the dangers Barack Obama is facing, but so too is the American Public.

Today, the first day after winning office, the search terms "Assassinate Obama" made Google's Top 100 Search Terms suggesting Americans and others are realizing the danger that Barack Obama is in being the first black president. Google Trends reinforces this with a spike in searches of "Obama KKK," but currently not as many as were conducted in February, a time when it became clear Obama would clinch the democratic nomination.

It is perhaps of the growing consciousness of these threats that offers an explanation as to why the Ku Klux Klan's website is currently down due to high volumes of traffic.

The Australian Daily Telegraph reported that before it crashed, the KKK's website contained a lengthy rant by a white supremacist welcoming Obama's election because "it could mean an awakening of our spirit and blood." The supremacist went on to declare "We are in a race war." 9News also reports the same rant included the phrase "this is a race war — a culture war — being waged against white people."

*Update 1*

However it appears that this message has been either changed or mistakenly reported on. On the KKK's home page, which merely serves as a portal to its main site, there now only appears to be a long statement by the National Director of the Knights, Pastor Thomas Robb. This statement while still claiming "There is a race war against whites" now contains a promise of non-violence, "But our people - my white brothers and sisters - will stay committed to a non-violent resolution."

*Update 2*

And as this story has developed it appears Thomas Robb has reprinted that rant that both the Telegraph and 9news reported on and has posted it on his blog. In fact it appears he has created other pages to mirror the content of what had been described in the news stories, perhaps to provide an alternative source to the KKK's downed website or to distance his views from the KKK as an organization.

On his blog Robb states concerning the election of a black man as President:

"This has not been a battle between Republicans or Democrats. This was not a battle between liberals and conservatives. This is a race war - a culture war - being waged against white people. As more and more non-whites come into this country the hatred for the founding people will grow"
*Update 3*

Currently "kkk obama" is in the top 100 Google searches. This is subject to change with the list being updated.

Throughout Obama's run, the Klan has made various threats, but none as ominous as that of Ray Larsen, the International Imperial Wizard of the National Knights of the KKK. Mr. Larsen in an interview with a Fox Chicago news station, when asked about any negative feelings towards Barack Obama Larsen responded:
"Well I'm not gonna have to worry about him because somebody else down South is gonna take him out...If that man is elected President he'll be shot sure as hell...The hate will be so deep from down South it'll definitely be a Southerner."
Taking all the facts together it is probably correct to say the American voters were aware that Barack Obama had received various threats; but because either the need for change overshadowed everything else or the voters never thought it would actually happen, there was no real acknowledgement that Barack Obama faced a real danger. Now with the first black President elected Americans are sobering up and fully realizing the threat their new leader is facing.

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