Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GK On His Decision And Being A Candidate Of Change

A few days ago I began campaigning for Gerard Kennedy, I did so because I believed the Liberal Party needed a leader who would bring change, not only from the promise of abandoning or altering Party structures, but from the most fundamental and basic level, our members.

I did so not because of some organizer contacting me, because no one did; not because Gerard Kennedy announced he would run, because he didn't; and not because it would advance my place in the party, because it didn't; but because I believe, as Gerard does, that we as Liberals must become a party of leaders, where our members are not merely important during elections or when we need money, but are important every day of every year.

I chose Gerard Kennedy because I believed he would be the Leadership candidate whose campaign would not just want Liberals to be in it, but would want Liberals to be it. To be a campaign not based on organizers or some strategy, but to be a campaign based on Liberals.

And though Gerard Kennedy has announced today that he will not be seeking the Liberal Leadership he has remained a candidate of change within the party. In a conversation I had with him today he has promised me and Liberals that though he will not seek the highest office within our Party, he will work just as hard to bring about the change our Party so desperately needs.

His decision not to run is in a large part based upon his considerations for his family. After running in 2006 Gerard knows the time, the work, and the costs involved in a leadership bid, and to him his foremost priority is his family.

As I've noted above, I decided to support Gerard Kennedy because I believed his campaign would come from us, Liberals, from Liberals who wanted change. And this was reinforced today by his very dedication to the grassroots, to motivating Liberals to act, as he called me to explain his decision. That though he will not run, he will work for change within the party, as all Liberals should.

Gerard Kennedy may not be a candidate for the Liberal leadership, but he will always be a candidate of change within the Party.

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