Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Inclusive Government

Our government, our political parties must do a better job at debating, discussing, and explaining the issues that matter to Canadians. As it stands right now, it appears these political actors only care to offer such discussion during elections, and once in government whichever party was elected seems content to base whatever action or decision they make on ideology because of that electoral result. Once in office Canadians are left out of the political process, and decisions are left to Parliament.

Democracy is important, but it is not limited to the short election span. Democracy is built upon the people caring about the future of their country, but limiting debate to a month every three or four years distances Canadians from politics. Limiting such discourse to the House of Commons in the consequent years after an election, leaves Canadians out of the decisions that affect their lives.

Our government, our political parties need to include Canadians into these debates, they need to explain the reason behind choosing one policy over another. Not only will Canadians become more involved in politics as a result, but they will become more informed. Canadians need to be involved, they need to care, for the sake of our democracy, and for the sake of our country.

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