Monday, November 17, 2008

Personal Reflection: Liberal Leadership And Change

Neither Michael Ignatieff, Bob Rae, nor Dominic LeBlanc were my first choice for Liberal Leader and in a way, I'm better off because of that. I'm better off because I am not going to be a follower any longer.

I supported Gerard Kennedy because he stood for change and believed in a party of leaders and now with him not running, I am left not looking for a leader to inspire change, I'm looking to inspire it within myself.

It's not change that I can write a textbook on or do an account of, its change of attitude, its change of how we see ourselves, its change of how we act. This is the change of each Liberal seeing themselves as more than just a member, but a leader.

In this Leadership race there are Liberals who are disillusioned and there are Canadians who need change that they don't see in our candidates and in our party. This is the time, perhaps the best time for the Liberals who recognize their ability to act, to become those leaders of change the party and Canada needs.

Our Leader will always play a role, but our individual power to act, to change our party and our country will never diminish. We will always be able to sign up new members, excite our grassroots, organize debates, discussions, and even policy conventions by our sheer drives alone.

As a Campus Club President my greatest joy is in seeing the realization within a person that they can make a difference. I believe Liberals have lost that. Liberal members have lost that recognition of their natural ability to change things for the better. It is on that point that I will begin in my riding of Kelowna - Lake country and its surrounding ridings to remind Liberals and Canadians of their power to change our country.

Once Liberals and Canadians see that it is no longer a question of what they can do, but a question of what they can't, once they see that they can act to solve the problems before them, our party and our country will change not from the top, but from the bottom, and that is the greatest thing we can hope to accomplish.

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