Saturday, November 08, 2008

Real. Change. Gerard Kennedy

Change isn't just a word to be used to convince you what needs to be done, it is an action that moves us and our country towards a better idea, towards a better vision for Canada.

Change does not exist outside of us, but is exhibited by us. Canada does not only need a strong leader, it needs a strong Canada.

Stephen Harper has led for his own benefit, for his own ambition. Canadians have been made his followers and not his supporters. Canadians have been deprived of their own value by a Prime Minister that only cares about his own. Canadians need change.

It is time for the people of our great country to recognize that change will not come from this Prime Minister, change will not come from this government, change will come only from those Canadians who choose to lead, who choose to act.

And as Liberals, as members of this Party, we have an opportunity to rise up, to stand up to this conceited and authoritative government and offer Canadians the example of leadership. The example of change.

Gerard Kennedy is that change.


to the Future said...

GK is by far the best choice. But, I do not think he will enter the race due to the finances. If people really want him to run, they should donate to his debt!
The other choices are very sad indeed, the Liberal Party has been hijacked by tourists.
The exception is Leblanc who actually has been working in the Party for more than 2 years! However, Leblanc just does not have the profile to win.

Mark said...

...but he'll have the public profile if people like you who think he's the best candidate step up and help spread the word.

to the Future said...

Ah, Mark, very sneaky!

I didn't say Leblanc was the best candidate, I said Kennedy was.
Just because Leblanc is the only candidate that has spent more than 2 years in the Liberal Party does not mean he is now the outstanding choice to be Leader.

burlivespipe said...

I would give GK serious consideration, but I also agree that he needs to go in clean. So tonight I will try and put in a donation to his leadership debt. Those who agree with ScottR and me can do the same.
But I don't think we are bereft of real leaders like some of our opponents. We just have different styles of leaders. Who is right for this time? That's still to be determined...

Steve V said...

"So tonight I will try and put in a donation to his leadership debt. Those who agree with ScottR and me can do the same."

I've just done the same :)

whopitulia said...

You have some great videos of GK on your youtube channel, here is another one that was emailed to me today