Friday, November 07, 2008

Run Gerard Kennedy, I Believe In You

Every single day that Canadians worry about how they'll be able to send their kids to university, or even put food on their table, is another day Canadians need change. Real change.

Canadians have settled for good enough instead of demanding better for too long. Canadians have elected a party that has weakened the economy, abandoned equality, cheapened our international reputation and has done away with the very Canadian spirit of leading where others choose to follow. This government was not elected because it was the best, but because Canadians were not inspired to become what all they can be. That Canadians instead voted for what was, and not what they could accomplish.

The Liberal Party is not what it once was. It is no longer the beacon of hope and spirit that motivated a country to become the nation of potential, the nation of leaders, where nothing was impossible, where nothing stopped us from doing what was right. Liberals across Canada have lost what we once had, what we were once proud of, our purpose. Our purpose to change Canada, not into some idealistic utopia, but into the very best this world has to offer, and then more.

And though the Party is different it is not the Party that needs to be fixed, each Liberal must realize that change begins with them. That each one of us has the future of our Party and of our nation in our hands, and it is us who must act. It is us who must lead our Party and Canada and not seek what is good, but what is better, not what can be done, but what must be done to change the world.

Run Gerard Kennedy. Run for Liberal Leader. I believe in you.


Philippe said...

The only problem is that he can't speak French...

Anonymous said...

He's bilingual. The Globe and Mail rated all the candidates last time, and he passed.

The only problem you really present,is the people who say we can't, and that's not much of a problem because we can.

We will make the party into what it can be, what it must be. Leaders among leaders, Canadians among Canadians, changing our country for the better.


Alex Plante said...


Phil is right. First of all, Gerard's French last time was sounding more like Spanish than actual French.

I was working on Dion's national tour and saw Kennedy a few times along the way and his French was slightly better than last time when he was reading but it's not enough. Il a un fran├žais fonctionnel. He's like me in Spanish, I can understand a lot, ask for directions, order a beer.

Anonymous said...


I have bilingual friends, I am friends with a Professor of French, and they all agree Gerard Kennedy can speak French.

I am afraid the banner behind you says everything.