Saturday, November 22, 2008

YouTube Live

Today YouTube will not just be a website for millions to use to find videos on every subject, it will not be a mere library of unrelated individual videos, because on this Saturday for the first time the site will be holding its first web community event.

At 8pm Eastern and 5pm Pacific YouTube will be hosting the event in San Francisco with singers, Akon, and Katy Perry, and perhaps the most appropiate artist, Esmee who being just a dutch teenager was discovered on YouTube and has since been signed by Justin Timerlake.

But the event also includes appearances from numerous internet celebrities, Lisa Nova, Chad Vader, BarelyPolitical and their Obama girl, Fred, and HotForWords among others. And in case you haven't heard of these not so mainstream stars, on YouTube each has had millions upon millions of views.

YouTube Live offers the first officially sponsored community event for video web loggers or vloggers as they have been termed, and already thousands have gathered in San Francisco to celebrate in the festivities.

The phenomenon of YouTube began on Feb. 15 2005 when its founders Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, created the site, and unless than a year later it became one of the fastest growing on the net. YouTube has become an unfiltered, user-oriented portal where one can find videos ranging from otters holding hands to the Queen of Jordan discussing her opinions.

In honour of the event, here our a few of my favorites:
Guitar Hero On A Bike, Battle of Krugar, Girl On A Plane (Caution), Bill Murray Drinking Warm Milk, Keyboard Kid, and a Funny Criminal Video.

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