Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Conservatives Be Damned

Conservatives are not great patriots, they have attacked not just what makes our country great, but literally the tradition that founded our country. John A. MacDonald with The Great Coalition in 1864 brought together the people of the province of Canada, brought together liberals and conservatives, to form a government that united parties, that united Canada.

Stephen Harper is against coalition governments, he is against the very idea which created our nation. The men and women who pose as Conservatives today do a dishonour to our greatest Father of Confederation and they dishonour our history as a country and as a people.

Today, the Leaders of every other opposition party for the first time in Canadian history are united. They are joined in the belief that Stephen Harper is wrong, not just for Prime Minister, but wrong for Canada. Stephane Dion, Jack Layton, Gilles Duceppe, and Elizabeth May have been adversaries, but are united because Stephen Harper is the largest threat to Canadian democracy since confederation. There has never been a Prime Minister that has degraded our government's worth so much so that he united those people who once opposed each other to stop him.

Stephen Harper is not just ruining our form of government, but he is incredibly ruining our economy at the same time. Kevin Page, Canada's independent parliamentary budget officer stated just two weeks ago, the looming deficits are because of this Conservative government's policy decisions. We are about to go into a recession with a Prime Minister that created the first deficit in over twelve years. This is a man who clearly cannot recognize economic values, nor has any values of his own.

The Conservatives have lost confidence, they have lost any support from Canadians because the Conservatives have ruined our democracy and our economy. The Liberal-NDP Coalition with the Bloc support is not some attempt to right the Conservatives wrongs, because only the Conservative Party can do that with forcing the disastrous Harper out of their party. The coalition is some attempt to restore democracy to our country by forming a government made up by a majority of MPs that received the most votes; it is some attempt to restore the economic prosperity that flourished under Paul Martin that created the billion dollar surpluses that Stephen Harper squandered.

This coalition follows in the steps of the greatest tradition started by the greatest Conservative politician our country has ever seen, John A. MacDonald. In 1864 our first real leader formed The Great Coalition which united Conservatives and Liberals to create the Province of Canada which was necessary for our great country to be founded. Stephen Harper is no great man, he is no John A. MacDonald, he is against the very democratic tradition that literally made our country.

Conservatives in opposing a coalition government oppose our greatest Prime Minister and our greatest father of confederation. Conservatives are not great patriots, they are opportunists of the worse kind. John A. MacDonald would want no part of any party that not only turned its back on what makes our country great, but attacked our country's very foundation. Conservatives be ashamed.


Tootrusting said...

Harper is playing a very dangerous game by attacking the idea of the BLOC having influence in parliament at a time when polls show over 70% of Quebecor's want in on the coalition, this is playing right into the separatists hands. They want in and now Canada doesn't want them, their elected representatives aren't good enough, at least that's the way they will play it.
He is playing to his base and at the risk of Canada.

Matt said...

Damn straight. Sadly, Harper won't accept that the majority he failed to win twice is now in the hands of others. His bizarre radio ads are a childish attack on the spirit of compromise and consensus-building that defines a very successful democracy.

Harper needs to take his ball and go home.