Saturday, December 06, 2008

Harper, The Coward

Since his election in 2006 Conservatives have emphasized that Stephen Harper is a strong leader, that he has the boldness and the determination to never back down, to never retreat, and to never give up. In recent days Stephen Harper the Conservative Leader and Prime Minister, has illustrated that not only is he not a strong leader, but that he is a coward.

A coward that cannot stand on his own two feet. A coward that is scared of Stephane Dion, Jack Layton, and Gilles Duceppe. A coward that is so weak and frail he runs from a fight to the Governor General for protection.

Say what you will about Stephane Dion, that he speaks poor English, that he takes too much time to think things through, but Stephane Dion has never had to run to the representative of the Queen because he can't handle himself in the House of Commons.

It was on Thursday December 4th facing a vote of non-confidence, Stephen Harper scampered with his tail between his legs to Rideau hall the residence of Michelle Jean, Canada's Governor General to ask for a proroguement or a suspension of Parliament until Jan. 26 in order to avoid defeat. With cameras broadcasting the entrance to Rideau hall, to many it was a surprise the meeting lasted for over two hours, it certainly lasted a long time to ask one question of the governor general.

No one estimated that after the Governor General decided, it would take Stephen Harper as long as it did to get cleaned up, wipe the tears from his eyes, rub the dirt from his knees, and regain the composure he lost after whining like a two-year old to the Governor General because he was going to lose.

If Stephen Harper was not a baby, if he was not a chicken, if he was not a coward, why wouldn't he ask for an election? Why wouldn't he go to the House of Commons and fight? Why would he run to the Governor Generals skirt and beg for her to intervene in the democratic process?

It has been argued that for the good of Canada Stephen Harper asked for government to be prorogued, yet with Parliament not resuming until January 26th, he could have asked for an election, and by January 26th we would have had a new government. But he did not. He instead chose to postpone any government action for a month and a half all because he is afraid of an election, afraid of democracy.

It is more than clear this Conservative leader is afraid of Stephane Dion, a man who Harper has constantly ridiculed for being weak. If Dion is what Harper and other Conservatives claim, what does that make Harper for running away from him?

Stephen Harper is not a strong leader, he has demonstrated by running away, by not fighting, by not wanting an election, how much of a coward he is. He has demonstrated that no longer is Canadian politics made up of the Liberals, the NDP, and the Conservatives, it now consists of the red, the orange, and the yellow.

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