Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ignatieff And Arrogance

On Michael Ignatieff's website and as was sent out in a campaign email:

"Should I succeed in winning the support of the national executive of the party and our caucus as leader, I remain committed to having that leadership confirmed by our party at our upcoming convention in Vancouver, as our party's constitution requires."
Liberal members don't confirm Liberal Leaders, we fight for them and we elect them. Michael Ignatieff in belittling the Liberal membership conveys an arrogance that is not suitable to any official be they Liberal or otherwise.

By lessening the Liberal membership to being nothing more than a rubber stamp, Michael Ignatieff cannibalizes the Party. He may become Leader, but he will do so at the devaluation of those very people he hopes to lead. He will strip them of their inherent rights and powers, and in doing so will not lead Liberals, but a party of followers.


Spudster said...

I could not agree more. I noticed that wording in the email and mailed back Ignatieff telling him that he had lost my support for liberal leader. I was a delegate for this guy last time, but these moves have proved to me he has no intention of grassroots renewal.

Devo said...


Please get over yourself...

Instead of bitching and moaning about it (and further dividing the party), why not offer up a solution that will give us the strong leader we need in the short term and meet the requirements of the party membership.

Patrick Ross said...

It's very simple: the Liberal party needs -- for its own good and for the good of the country -- to continue with the Liberal 308 renewal effort, and to find a leader that conforms to its renewed values and principles.

If the Liberal party rushes to coronate Michael Ignatieff -- and it looks like there's no one left but Ignatieff -- it will lose the opportunity to do this.

Those supporting that worthwhile process -- such as Scott -- will have little choice but to try to adapt those values to the new Liberal leader.

It is folly. If the Liberals don't find a way to have an honest-to-god leadership race they are only going to penalize themselves for the duration of the tenure of any coronated leader.

Canadians can't be expected to support a Liberal leader-by-default as Prime Minister. It's just too hard to swallow.

Anonymous said...

Devo: I love the argument, "Stop saying what you're saying! You're dividing the party!" Instead of presenting an argument you rely on blind partisanship.

I'm going to continue presenting my opinion and I welcome yours, anything is better than that blind partisanship you just spouted.