Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 The Hollow Liberal Victory

The black hands struck twelve a new year began, and just as all left the lingering thoughts of 2008 only to think of 2009 and all the possibilities that it brings, Canada's political future already clear is perhaps the most certain.

With Stephen Harper too wounded and too known, the Liberal Party will win the election in 2009 and Michael Ignatieff will become a Prime Minister that will offer stability to our party and to our country. But though he will strengthen the bones, the frame of our party and our nation's politics, as leader and Prime Minister he will suppress the heart, the spirit of all.

Just as there is no challenge to him now to be Liberal leader, so will it be for him to be Prime Minister. And as Liberals are left with no choice, so too will most Canadians; leaving a Liberal leader to become Prime Minister that derived authority and power not from the people but from circumstance.

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janfromthebruce said...

So you are saying that Iggy will form a "working coalition" with the Harper conservative govt in January. Let's see what the Ottawa Sun has to say about the acclaimed Liberal leader:
Michael Ignatieff, hailed as the dauphin by Liberals now, will run into growing pains of his own. His ditching of the NDP-Bloc coalition, combined with his relatively hawkish, pro-U.S. stand on foreign policy, will make many left-leaning liberals of the Lloyd Axworthy school uncomfortable.

Appears from this writer's viewpoint that Iggy has lots more in common with Harper conservatism than NDP and Bloc progressiness.