Thursday, January 08, 2009

For Next Time From The First Time: Dominic LeBlanc Only Wanted To Create An Organization

Even before it was clear Dominic LeBlanc would run for Liberal leadership, I sent messages to every email I could find for him asking the least known leadership candidate a few questions regarding his ideas. I never received any reply. This morning I see my attempts to contact him were not completely without results as I had been added to Dominic's newsletter.

Before I never really gave much thought to Dominic's campaign not replying to my multiple emails, as his campaign was smaller than the others and it had less resources. However in obtaining his 'parliamentary' newsletter I must conclude the priority it appears for Dominic LeBlanc and his campaign was not to offer a legitimate alternative to party leader, but to simply sow the seeds for a future leadership bid.

At the time, which was a good number of weeks if not months before he officially declared himself a leadership candidate, by not responding to my numerous requests for substance and instead only collecting my email address I am left with the impression that the perspective, that he was merely using this leadership race in preparation for others, to establish a network of Liberals across Canada, is correct. Not to mention this very same claim was leveled against him from the very beginning for various other reasons.

Now it is possible I am the only one or one of the few who did not receive any communication back through that channel and thus am wrong in speculating Dominic LeBlanc intentions; however when one considers the importance of creating an organization, the size of the Liberal Party, and the ability being a leadership candidate provides in establishing said organization, I believe there is more probability this was Dominic LeBlanc's original intent than not.

I ended up not supporting Dominic LeBlanc, not because of any of the above, but for greater reasons I find unnecessary to discuss at this point. Here is Dominic LeBlanc's newsletter which primarily summarizes his leadership bid, his attacks on the Conservative Party from his leadership bid, and his leadership withdrawal.


Dear Friends,

Jolène and I have had a very busy year – full of surprises, blessings and challenges.

Last month, Jolène was appointed a Provincial Court Judge. I am very proud of her and I know she will be a terrific judge. This means, however, that Jolène will have to exercise restraint with respect to her participation in my political activities to preserve judicial impartiality and independence. We accept, but regret, this limitation; however, I feel strongly that her career is as important as mine and I encouraged her to accept this new challenge.

Earlier in the fall, I had let it be known that I would be a candidate for the Leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada; the official announcement was scheduled for early December. I must say that the response from Liberals across the country was overwhelming: organizations were being set up in ridings where we had a chance of electing delegates and Liberal men and women of various backgrounds, young and old, were coming together to offer generous support. I am grateful to all those who were so encouraging.

Then came the parliamentary crisis: The Harper Government offered no assistance to Canadians facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Around the world, governments are taking immediate actions to protect their citizens and their economies. Stephen Harper is alone in offering nothing to people and sectors of our economy facing real hardship.

Indeed, the November Economic Statement offered nothing in terms of assistance to the auto industry and to the manufacturing, forestry or fisheries sectors.

When the opposition parties said they were not going to accept inaction, this Government acted like a “school yard bully” and opted to shut down Parliament for 6 weeks instead of bringing real solutions to Canadians.

I had to reflect on these events and I reached the conclusion that it was urgent for the Liberal Party to have a new Leader – a permanent Leader. Important decisions would need to be made and the Party had to come together quickly in support of a new Leader.

Extraordinary times demand that the country and Party come ahead of individual ambition.

Consequently, I announced that I will not be seeking the Leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada and that I would support the consensus choice of the Liberal Party, Michael Ignatieff.

I am convinced Michael Ignatieff can unite the Liberal Party and the country and will offer our Party real renewal and a chance to rebuild.

He is the Leader we need. He is the Leader that Canada needs.

In the months ahead, Canadians can look to Michael Ignatieff for leadership and to the Liberal Party for policies to meet the enormous economic challenges we face. I will work hard to support Mr. Ignatieff and his team in this important work.

I always enjoy speaking and meeting with you to hear your views. I trust you will continue to voice your opinions and comments on the state of our Party and country.

Jolène joins me in offering you our Best Wishes for the New Year.


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