Thursday, January 15, 2009

Michael Ignatieff On The Tar Sands - 'Energy Policy Is A National Unity Issue'

On Jan. 14 Michael Ignatieff spoke to well over a hundred young Canadians who want to make a difference. (Here are Parts 1, 2, and 3) In Part 4 Michael Ignatieff is asked his opinion on the tar sands in Alberta, and he responds by taking a balanced approach that is based on a strong relationship with industry and the province of Alberta.

The Liberal leader states:

"The Federal government has a role to play in protecting watersheds, in protecting wildlife, in working with the industry, working with Alberta to protect the environment.

When I look at this I see an enormous opportunity for Canada to clean this story up. Better Carbon sequestration, better use of energy, better use of the natural gas we're using. Getting the cost structure under control.

One of the things that will drive us to clean this up, is in fact the falling price, we have got to become more efficient in the tar sands. That will drive us to become a much more sustainable in our use of that resource.
But perhaps the most interesting portion of Michael Ignatieff's answer was where he alluded to the problems Pierre Elliot Trudeau's National Energy Policy caused:
"But, the other final thing that as Young Liberals you need to understand about energy and I think you already do, energy policy in our country is a national unity issue. The dumbest thing you can do, and no Liberal must ever do it, is run against Alberta, make Alberta the enemy, isolate Alberta. We got to work with the province of Alberta. We got to work with the Albertans who care as much about the environment as we do to clean it up and make it a source of pride for all Canadians."


Tom said...

Every day he seems to be closer to running for leadership of the PCs.
A Liberal not condemning Alberta or the oil sands!!!!

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