Saturday, April 04, 2009

Blackwater And Triple Canopy

Besides both sounding like agencies from a Tom Clancy novel, what do "Blackwater" and "Triple Canopy" have in common? Apparently a lot.

Blackwater Worldwide was the private provider of protection forces within Iraq that recently lost its contract with the US government due to mounting public opinion against the mercenary organization.The New York Times reports:

"Blackwater — viewed in Iraq as a symbol of American violence and impunity — lost the contract after being accused of excessive force in several instances, particularly an apparently unprovoked shooting in downtown Baghdad in 2007 in which 17 civilians were killed."
And though the Iraqi government is against the organization based on the conduct of its soldiers, those same soldiers and much of the same structures from Blackwater will continue on, all in the guise of a new military contractor Triple Canopy.

Blackwater induced a revolution within modern warfare by creating the first private army for hire. Now it is continuing to break ground by altering the public image of its armed forces; it is breaking ground by rebranding. The implications of a large private army that is not only profit motivated but beginning to form a media conscious can not even be fully imagined.

Where once Blackwater was limited to fight wars with purely physical means, by rebranding to form Triple Canopy, the contractor has begun to fight wars in the realm of public perception. In existing outside of national regulation and now with the ability to alter public awareness, no army has ever posed such a threat.


WesternGrit said...

Yet we allow this unfettered march to the future of mankind... or should we say, "corporate-kind"...? said...

If it took the recent global economic crisis to motivate calls for international economic regulation, one must wonder what crisis would motivate calls for private military firms.