Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Noble of Corrupt Zimbabwe

In a country where the economy trumps Human Rights and the economy is in ruin, a new challenge faces the old corrupt Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. It is not the month-old power-sharing deal externally imposed, and domestically celebrated, on the African nation that is of imminent threat to Mugabe, no it is not institutional change that he must worry about. What rivals the man that represents everything that is wrong with Zimbabwe is the man that represents everything that is right, David Coltart.

With Zimbabwe poverty-stricken and having hyperinflation in the millions, Mugabe forced in a government with the opposing party continued his tradition of buying off his political foes. As new ministers began taking their offices, Mugabe and his officials began giving out brand new Mercedes. This being just another example of the insidious corruption that parallels the formation of this new brokered government, and yet such a grim reality is denied absoluteness.

It may be just one government official out of hundreds, it may be one single incidence out of a plague of many; but David Coltart, the new Zimbabwean Education Minister said no to taking such a luxurious bribe while his country is in economic disaster. He said no to the culture of corruption. One person doing one act of good in a government that has failed the people of Zimbabwe again and again, sadly may not have any effect, but then again, it might.

Foreign governments are concerned about giving aid to Zimbabwe; they are worried about propping up the dictator Robert Mugabe. For me, the old African President can go when the people like David Coltart replace him, until then countries around the world should not worry about sustaining Robert Mugabe, they should worry about losing what Coltart represents for the future of his country.

Canada and other countries should do more to help the countries of Africa.

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