Sunday, June 14, 2009

Don't Ask "Where Is My Vote?" Ask "Why The Exact Same Sign?"

It is easily acknowledged that the protests that have erupted globally against the result of the Iranian election were organized by a few people, and thus explaining the same exact signs, merely re-printed, showing up in different cities, like Hague, Sydney, and San Francisco. However the fact that many of these protesters didn't bother to spend so much as a minute in Microsoft Word to create a sign of their own, in my opinion really detracts from the appearance of any real grassroot protest movement.

The very fact that within a day and a half the global protest movement already had a slogan, "Where is my vote?" just smells of top-down organizating by groups who were waiting for such an opportunity to attack the Iranian government. This together with WhereIsMyVote.Org which was created at 12:19 AM this morning and registered in Toronto to an organization called "Better Iran" and numerous facebook groups of the same name only adds to the idea this popular movement of protests is really just a vehicle for other interests to attack the Iranian government.

As for the protesters, in shouting slogans they merely printed off, I see the protests as a matter of convenience and I predict they will have no staying power within the next few days. As for those intial organizing groups, they'll manifest other grassroot movements, only next time I hope they print off different signs.

(The Hague picture is located here and cited at the bottom of the story. The Sydney picture is located here. The San Francisco picture is located here.)

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