Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iran: It's Not Our Country, It's Not Our Fight

Some suggest western powers, if not international organizations should be doing more to re-establish democracy in Iran, my belief, is that we, as outsiders, cannot strengthen, create, or impose democracy in any other country. Democracy is not just a system of government to be imposed by external forces at some opportune time, no, democracy is an ideal, that is borne from the people, for the people. Over three hundred years ago it was the American people, today it is the people of Iran.

People are dying in Iran, dying for what they believe in. They are fighting their war for their country. It is not the fight of foreigners. For just as there are Iranians who oppose the election results of June 12 there are Iranians who support it. International forces, be they social, governmental, or organizational, have no right to aid one Iranian while at the sametime opposing another. This is their country, not ours.

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