Tuesday, June 09, 2009

People Dying Is Good News To Conservative Lisa Raitt

Conservative Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt, in a newly released tape, illustrates an unnerving self-centeredness that should put her ability to serve the public good in serious question. In the recorded conversation between Raitt and her former aid Jasmine MacDonnell the minister speaks of radioactive leaks and cancer as positives to her career. She goes further to not only suggest she use the situation of a medical isotope shortage to her advantage, but to bash a fellow cabinet minister Raitt was supposed to be working with to help solve it.

The tape was released by the Chronicle Herald and in it Lisa Raitt is heard again and again demonstrating a perspective bordering on megalomania. While the lives of Canadians were on the line because of an aging nuclear reactor and a medical isotope shortage that she was responsible for, Lisa Raitt instead of attempting to find a solution, was only interested in making herself look good.

Where news media often cover issues that they themselves liken as "Sexy" because of their juicy public appeal, Raitt used the term to express how the medical isotope shortage can only bring her more attention because of it's connection to important issues like Cancer and radioactive leaks.

On the tape, in response to MacDonnell saying the isotope issue is hard to control because it's confusing to people, Lisa Raitt stated "But it’s sexy. Radioactive leaks. Cancer."

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