Monday, June 22, 2009

United States And UK Created The Iraq War

In 2003 before the Iraq invasion, George W. Bush and Tony Blair met, not to discuss Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (WMD) as a cause for war, but to discuss the fact that they couldn't find any and that they were going to war anyway.

In a confidential memo that recorded the meeting between the US and UK leaders there is evidence that strongly suggests both men knew UN inspectors would not find WMD and that the leaders would have to find another excuse for war.

The Guardian, a British news website reports:

The memo, written on 31 January 2003, almost two months before the invasion and seen by the Observer, confirms that as the two men became increasingly aware UN inspectors would fail to find weapons of mass destruction (WMD) they had to contemplate alternative scenarios that might trigger a second resolution legitimising military action.
Some possible alternative scenerios that were discussed that would legitimize the war ranged from provoking Iraq into firing at a U2 reconnaissance aircraft that was painted in UN colours to an assassination of Saddam Hussein.

Press TV, an Iranian news websites provides a perspective that speaks to the damage done by the Iraqi war, a war created by two men who wanted nothing else:
The unveiled memo, written on 31 January 2003, almost two months before the invasion, confirms that the two leaders were aware that the UN inspectors will fail to find weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in the oil-rich country.

The five-page document reveals how Bush told Blair that he had decided on a start date for the war.

In 2006, Newscientist declared that around 655,000 people have died in Iraq as a result of the US-led coalition invasion. That is 2.5% of the country's entire population.

Today, the death toll in the country is believed to be far beyond that number, as the country is still plagued with unrest 6 years after the invasion.

The controversial war displaced more than 4 million Iraqis. While many have returned home, the UNHCR has said the country remains too fragile to absorb the 1.5 million refugees still living outside its borders.

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