Monday, August 17, 2009

Advice To Democrats: Attack the 'Elitist' Republicans

In light of this health care debate in the US it is interesting to notice the side each American political party falls on; and though it seems obvious, the ramifications of this divide has potential utility for the democrats.

Both parties admit that the American health care system needs reform, with 46 million people in the states who are uninsured, I tend to agree with them.

The Democrats support and are fighting for a government-run option and Republicans are opposing any such plan and instead proposing slight alterations to the system, if any at all.

Now this divide between the two parties is one based on ideology; which is based on a difference of values and not immediate reason. Democrats are for government intervention for they see equality as something that must be achieved through collective action, where Republicans value individualism and actually see collective action as a threat to that type of freedom.

As this is a conflict over values and no debate will easily settle the dispute, each side is attempting to use public sentiment in their favour, the Republicans are doing a far better job. However Democrats have the potential to score a weighty blow against the conservative movement, which though they may lose the health care debate, Democrats could significantly change the foundations of public perception towards the Republican Party.

Election after election, Republicans have attacked Democrats labeling them as elitists, however when one frames this health care debate around helping the uninsured, it is Republicans who will appear elitist.

Conservatives caring only about themselves, ignoring the poor and the working class, is the definition of selfishness. Where the Republicans are fighting for a system that only allows the rich to have health care, elitism, is thy name.

The Democrats need to harness this type of attack, they need to change the terms of discussion, so it's no longer between the Democratic option of more government vs the Republican's individualism, but between the noble ideal of equality vs the base desire of selfishness and elitism.

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