Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You're Never Too Young

Today I saw the name Matt crudely engraved in the dock at a beach here in Kelowna. It was at the end, between two pilings, the wood wet from the rolling waves splashing over top of it. And as I looked I imagined a young boy with some simple tool, like a key or a knife, making those repeated strokes necessary just to make the M. Removing pieces of wood to leave a memory.

I smiled at the etched letters, thinking about Matt leaving his mark; a mark not just of his name, but a mark of ownership. It's not as though he proclaimed this is my dock, no, in carving his name he declared ownership over this moment. This moment of diving into the cool Okanagan water; of having no worries; of having old friends and making new ones.

This summer was his moment in time, in engraving his name on such a pivotal physical feature he was perhaps making the most powerful display he could have made.

Thinking of such a connection, between a person and their surroundings, I could not help but think that it shouldn't be left to the youth. That owning the moment, that bringing yourself and your surroundings closer together, is something we should all pursue.

You're never too young to carve your name into a dock.

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