Monday, September 14, 2009

The Conservative Flag

Where once conservatism was the banner of the Conservative Party, their flag is now white; where once they stood, they now surrender.

Our Canadian flag hangs overhead, donned in the most beautiful red. It is the symbol of our country, of what identifies us as Canadians. And much like our flag to our country and people, ideologies are what distinguish our political parties and their members.

The Liberal Party and liberalism are closely identified just as is the NDP and socialism, however where once the Conservative Party and conservatism were like so united, they are now divergent. Where once conservatism was the banner of the Conservative Party, their flag is now white; where once they stood for something, they now surrender.

The Conservative Party has divorced itself from its principles; it has divorced itself from its identity. From creating a record breaking deficit, increasing government spending, appointing 27 senators, to endorsing same-sex marriage, this Conservative Party has not just abandoned its ideology, it has fled from it.

But the most flagrant Conservative retreat is both metaphorical and real. Where the party's ideology once led them into Afghanistan, the Conservative Party now retreats from both.

For a strong military and an importance on foreign affairs are hallmarks of conservatism, they are the characteristics of that ideology that rally so many to its pride and to its power; but as the Conservative government announced a 2011 withdrawal date from Afghanistan, the party withdrew its most patriotic ideological claim.

The situation in Afganistan is only getting worse and there is no reconciliation between excuses for retreating and conservatism. In regards to the ideology, there is no honour in losing a battle, in losing a country.

No longer are Conservatives the proud keepers of the Canadian military, no longer are they the strong. No longer are they the adherents of power internationally, no longer are they the world actors.

Conservatives have done away with what identifies them as conservative; they have done away with their ideology. Where the Liberals and New Democrats advocate the withdrawal from Afghanistan they do so representing their ideologies,
the Conservative Party in advocating withdrawal represents nothing.


Je me souviens said...

Maybe they still are conservative and are just acting this way because they are a minority government? Although I must agree the senators thing left me puzzled.... said...

It's one thing to adjust ideology, it's another to abandon it all together.

Conservative policy on Afghanistan was initiated purely by the Conservative Government. It was Stephen Harper who wanted withdrawal in 2011.

Record expenditures in government spending, including a needless cabinet enlargment was also done without consideration of other parties.

Being a minority government has nothing to do with the Conservatives doing away with their ideology. Even if it was, does that make it better?