Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Canadians And Media Ignore Those With Power, Criticize Those Without

what world is this where citizens and media think it beneficial to ignore those with power and criticize those without?


In the Canadian democracy, lest Canadians and our media forget, it is our duty as citizens and members of the fourth estate to question our government, to hold our representatives accountable. The question that then must be asked by all is with the Conservative government determining the shape and substance of our executive and legislative bodies, when people criticize politics, when they question our country's affairs, should not the bulk of criticism be laid upon our Conservative government?

Yet as discussions and articles develop, as Canadians talk and reporters write, this is seen to not be the case. Liberals on their knees are bastardized while throned Conservatives are ignored.

What world is this where citizens and the media find it more valuable to our country to criticize those not in power? Facing an extensive recession that will last for years, should Canadians criticize postal workers? With a bleak future in Afghanistan, should the media criticize doctors? It is not the postal service nor healthcare professionals that deserve our attention; no, it is those in power who must be judged.

To dishearten many partisan Liberals and as many partisan Conservatives, it must be admitted Michael Ignatieff is of no authority. He is but the leader of a party not in power; he is a mere man whose job is to serve as a check to the vast powers held by the Prime Minister. Liberals don't want to face this fact, for in doing so they lay witness to their challenge. Conservatives too ignore this, for if they make such an admission, they are the ones that must be then held accountable, that must be reformed.

On the other side of the floor is Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, not Prime Minister of all Conservatives, but of all Canadians. He is the leader of our government, where the ultimate responsiblity of our country rests. And even as this is so, in reading news stories, in debating politics, it is not his actions that are seen with the most critical eye. It is the Liberal leader, the man with no power that draws the most scrutiny.

I ask again, what world is this where citizens and media think it beneficial to ignore those with power and criticize those without? With any response, the depth democacy falls is far enough to change any mind. To will any Canadian, any reporter, to look at those they have elected, at those they gave their government to, and judge.